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[GUIDE] A mugging guide

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I don’t know if someone ever told you that there is a strategy to mugging. I looked trough youtube and most people say just what u have to do. on the forums there is also nothing about efficient mugging or anything in general. so i thought why not make one myself as i am doing a mugging challenge i want to express what i think is the best way to mug in the game of apb.


As first I would like to tell u about the best character setup a person can have. Keep in mind u would need joker tickets for a few items to be able to run them if u under the rank of 185.


first of all when u are mugging u want to finish the mug as fast as possible and a good item for this is having  a Street Jacker H169. This equipment gives u a reduced time to mug a civilian of 40%.


Than as character modifications the best combination at this moment I would say are adding weapon Field supplyer wide radius - Fragile – Hard landing – Med Spray


reason why I take those is a personal preference. The most important modifications are fragile and consumable meds the other two are just there for crucial things or places where I mug the most. Fragile offers u to run faster to your next target while consumable meds help u regain life faster than u can with fragile. Using it once wil give u a fast way to get out of certain situations. Make sure u always have a way out around enforcers.


When I get witnessed hard landing gives me a way out in waterfront. This Item offers me in waterfront to get away by jumping of a platform in the mall falling recovery is reduced with 100%.Poorly enough it does nothing for me in financial. The supply box on the other hand can give me a way to get another gun or resupply grenades when I need it in that situation.           

Than if u figured out your load out than its time to start mugging.


How to mug is easy just press f on a civilian or npc that is walking on the street. The once who sitting or standing to watch something u can’t target. Make sure if u want to target those u need to be on the other side of the street shooting in random or mug a person close to them that the person shakes out of his standing position. If they run away or duck … u were to close.


Now how to do efficient mugging. There is a patern in this system. I call it personaly a star system.  We got 3 ways to give away stars.

0 star civilians who u mug who never drop an item. U best don’t touch em or run past them.


2 star  civilians who u mug that drop 2 items. Pick these civilians of the street when u don’t see 4 stars.


4 star characters who give 4 items or an equilivant of it or more. these are mostly the jackpot civilians.



PS: i think i m missing one rotation of civilians that i havent seen anymore since 5 weeks ago. those are not included in this guide. here u have the guide of 4 rotations of cevilians. hopefully these give u already info enough how mug efficiently.

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Replace field supplier with blowtorch

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