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Not a fan. Low ingame graphics quality, music doesn't really fit in my opinion. Not much variation in the clips themselves. It's an alright starting point, perhaps check out some well received videos from the past.

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Really good hope to see more!

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15 hours ago, AdzataJB said:

okay and you have something to say besides your hate? 

1. Fast forwarding clips

2. Low quality graphics

3. Terrible music choice for a montage (this isn't a subjective musical opinion)

4. Lack of variety in clips

5. Lots of clips that are just not entertaining

6. Almost no editing in general

7. Almost zero timing/syncing/weaving with the music

8. Same pace; no highs/lows or changing cadance

9. Lots of just bad clips

10. No intro

11. Some clips with low framerate

12. Wearing preset clothing

13. Nothing cinematic about it

14. No outro

15. Sudden start and sudden stop

16. No transition between scenes/clips

17. No leading the viewers eye between scenes

18. Zero creativity

19. Clips against bad players

20. Just straight up not entertaining



If you care about making another I'd advise you to really think about what you need to do to improve and take any feedback you can.

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17 hours ago, Nev said:

Really good hope to see more!

Hold up, I didn't say that 🤔


In fact, I'd say the opposite. 

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you are too demanding, silvers like my movie 😁

thanks for opinions, probably will never make movies like that anymore, but if i do, i will use your advices

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Major issues with this video for me were:

  • The abrupt ending (at least do a fade out or something that doesn't make it seem like you forgot to complete the video)
  • It's pretty hard to make a montage with repetitive songs, and especially with a song someone dug up from the 90's
  • There's no cohesive style - everything was pretty random and didn't match. If you did something retro with your outfits or with the editing style, at least it would have matched with the music
  • Just the effort and editing, as covered by zombie. Makes me feel like you put in an hour of work, tops. Visualize and plan out the video. Add some personality into it! Don't be like the X amount of APB players who do lowest graphics/stretched resolution/no sync/no sound and just send it off
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Guest Zilsux

This basically looks like the base of a project. You know, when you drop all the footage you have gathered and the music you want to work with before actually editing.


But like Thanahr said:

On 1/7/2020 at 4:52 AM, Thanahr said:

check out some well received videos from the past.


You obviously have somewhere to make videos, all you need now is to practice. What you did was a start. Way more than what most people even do. APB is not a good game to get interesting videos to use in montages, so the video should not revolve around the footage, the footage most revolve around a main idea.


For the next one try these two things:


1. Sync the music beat with the shooting or kills.

2. Cut out parts where you are not doing anything or just running.


Of course these ain't the only 2 things needed to improve, but you will see the difference.


I make APB vids just for fun and so should everyone, don't take it that seriously. I mostly spend low brain power on it and leave a lot of things unfinished.

It will be good practice for actual complicated videos on your future projects.


Don't mind about stuff like:

On 1/7/2020 at 3:29 AM, NotZombieBiscuit said:

Hopefully your last.

 That's normal from her. Her whole thing is being edgy. Don't take it to heart.


Can't wait what you do next, and how you progress. If anything feel free to message me. I'm more than glad to help.


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