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Fallen Earth servers going offline 10/2

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On 10/24/2019 at 7:37 PM, Hollywood7098 said:

Aroa Croft you make sense 👍 others going against you are drowning themselves. This hold up, it's inconclusive, an wastes time with words following a ending solution. It's just get it over 🤧 once all those who play the new server with a wipe,  they will continue to play. 😪

You're right, all those people who cried saying they wouldn't play if there's a reset "they'll end up playing". I already said it, just as I said in December 2014 that g1 was making a mistake by banging without motives and then LO appeared that seeing that it was a problem, Time always gives reason to the truth and the brave ones))

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Best of luck LO. I played this game "every single day" for 6 years. Then it was frequently, then seldom, then hardly the last few years of life of the game. I have so many chars I don`t even know which one this is, and guess it is the one I made this account for? I am dumber than dirt on computers. I can wait, hell, I`m 70 lol. Will there be a complete wipe of chars and possessions? I have literally hundreds ss of dollars invested in this game. But it is what it is, and will be. I wonder at the fate of us Hazmats? RVN Vet, aka Hazmat Gary Owen

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