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  1. O.M.G...... Where are my boots? *trashes her closet*
  2. Thank you for giving us an update. Waiting for FE to return. Just wish we could have played it during this Pandemic. Anyhow, lets get this ball rolling !
  3. It would have been nice to have Fallen Earth around during this pandemic time!
  4. Easy to find If you're going to wear your Banana outfit !
  5. ARDENN..... That got another tear rolling down my face! Butterfly here (the name you gave me) You gave us all a good ( or should I say FUN ) experience when we got to cross paths. Hope our paths get to cross again. Take care
  6. And just when Kaylee (proper way of spelling) Stanway have come to terms with who was here first. I'm sure she was since she is an old fart. SERIOUS though... this totally bites and I'm going to miss everyone that I've had the chance to know or just hang with. 9 years this month for riding this wave. LO i wish you the best on getting FE back up and running with improved features. When that time comes I'll be waiting and let me just put my request in now..... lets have a popcorn recipe?! XD Must love to the ones that have endured my rants and still encouraged me to ride it out. Just like Serenity.... all good things are taken away. Wish you all a speedy flight to the next galaxy. I need a group hug (sobs)
  7. We down again? Sorry LO for it being a crutch. I guess I'll go do some "adult" things. I'll check back later.
  8. Still down.... probably due to the circus events that took place yesterday from what I heard. Too bad a few bad apples can ruin it for everyone else.
  9. I only had 6 from 2016 showing. Others I have talked to as well have lost theirs. Even a Hazmat lost theirs. If they are preserved that is good. They just don't show up in my achievement log as well as the date that this happened. My telescope finds from different locations is blank as well. So I traveled down south to recollect but that option is not available.
  10. Any chance will the achievements we had come back? 8.5 years and I was still working on them. Just wanted to make sure someone knew this was part of the loss.
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