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  1. Those are the last heartbeats… this is it, my soul cries… I never expected a game to take so much place in my heart, tho i've couldn't enjoy it as much as i would have wanted lately… When i first saw that message, i tought it was a bad joke, a terrible one. But let's face it we are far from April's fool. Even if we all sorta knew it would come to this point, someday, it's still bleb… I wanna hug all the good hearts i met in here; thanks for all the awesome peeps who been patient ennuf to help me out, for all the good laughs and all the impossible situations… Oh and one final digital kick in the crotch for those who deserved it… I luved you all!.. in your very own way! ^.~ Oh! And p.s. I finally found my way back on steam, i would love to get you in my contact list, pm me if you want! I'm sick thinking about what we are loosing right now… This community was a blast... Not that i played bunch of games, i'm more like a "stick to what you like" girl, but it would be totally dumb to not see the uniqueness, the magic that this game brought to us. This place that doesn't exist will remain full of ghosts… *shakes ammo on the beat, drops head & sings* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cZh6E9cKXg
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