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  1. His teammate left the match. Players that left the match don't show up in the scoreboard, if you join the match after they had already left. I don't think there is any way to get 1v1's. correction: I don't think there is any OTHER way to get 1v1's.
  2. They added these PR and JT labels to guns so that you can quickly tell what mod slots a weapon has. It's a pretty minor change that came alongside the pernament joker store guns, which all have these labels for consistency. And from what op said, these labels were also added to armas guns? (I don't own any so I can't check myself) Probably for consistency too.
  3. Removing a GamersFirst account automatically unlinks it from any Steam account it is linked to. This is more of a desperate measure than anything. I used this as a workaround when support had a hard time unlinking my Steam account from an old G1 account of mine. You still have to contact support to remove an account though.
  4. I would like to see an addition to the kill feed. Right now, when a player that isn't in your group gets killed, he still shows up in a green font in the kill feed. It would be nice if that would be changed to red.
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