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  1. I wasn’t targetting the disabled or your disabled members. At most making fun of much you guys think you’re the shit. Congrats! You can win missions by hopping in a car, with a volcano carsurfing and 2 dogears leaning out the window!!!!!!! Wow! Soooooo Challenging. That’s mainly what I was doing, seems you take everything a bit too literally. I don’t blame you though, all you know to do is complain when something doesn’t go your way and hit the 5 key on your keyboard to remote det.
  2. I think it's nice we include our slower community members in some conversation every once in while
  3. I think I just lost 1.9 million brain cells
  4. what are you talking about, that was with prem, it’s always been 1,199
  5. Yes, they're the very last waterfront contact. Birth is Criminal, Templeton is Enforcer. To get to these contacts you have to max out every contact before(and including) Justin Teng and Orlenz Moretti for enforcers, Arlon Benjamin and Michael Simeone for criminal.
  6. its really preference but i cant stand rs3 on my oscar, so I'll use Improved Rifling 3 and Tagger/3 Point Sling 3. It's playstyle choices! You can decide which is better, OP.
  7. assassin’s blackness makes it so you turn fully invisible to your opp and then they have to take a guess based on where the bullets are coming from, whats really the reliable one here (if anyone takes this seriously im nuking my own house)
  8. yesyes but like its much quicker when you can hear where they come from xd
  9. i mean, itd be cool to see a slightly stronger talon, but imagine getting completely melted before you can realize where the shots are coming from o-o
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