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  1. Some months ago, you have the same but no one behind working on it.
  2. First you are on the wrong forum, and second try to disable the firewall.
  3. Thanks fo the update. For me, there are some priority "bugfixes": - Random DC of players: with the login issues after (maybe the client is not sending the "keep-alive" packets or something like that, because seems to be the client what lose the connection)* - Dupe related bug: Remove the weight limit temporaly or change the weight of the items to 0,0001 like others. Crafters can be gratefully with this "fix" With this two fixes, the people can wait at least 6 months more before complaining again, they are been playing like that for five years. *P.D. Related to the connection, my game is using "Frontend (<-- the game wich is normal), System & svchost proceses with admin rights" to connect after the updater, This is causing issues with the firewalls, because you make the rules for "frontend" but this proces isn't the only one needed to get the connection. Other games only need the client executable to work or at least the executables are on the game directory, like the updater. I don't understand why a game has to use system proceses with admin rights.
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