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  1. I have seen this van about, I was wondering what that symbol was on top
  2. All my threats end up with a moderator taking out peoples replies and then closes the topic. Maybe I’m cursed. Maybe I should not post threads.
  3. What is with all the butt hurt people? Once Matt doesn’t post a update for a month, you all start claiming the game will shutdown, Matt is got no money and that’s he’s juicing the money from the game? You need to chill and stop making a bad impression of the game.
  4. I just wish people would just try and revive APB instead of hating on it and giving it a bad name. The community knows the lack of care companies give this game but it doesn’t need to let down by the players
  5. Go to steam charts and search apb, the peak is mid 400’s I was just rounding up.
  6. Hi all, Besides the late release of the engine upgrade and lack of content, it seems like the game is seriously struggling to even peak 500 players. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to advertise the game (not with your own money) by TikTok, YouTube etc. I’m not much of a creator if I was I’ll do it myself but I do believe if we all come together and get new players in, it will help the game massively. I know what you all are thinking… “new comers will not stand a chance against vets” but it’s all about getting the numbers up. Let me know what you all think about this.
  7. If that’s true then this games on its last legs, I got little no hope at all. I reckon 2022 is the last year for APB:R.
  8. Wouldn’t it make sense for the engine upgrade to be released now and bugs/performance issues be improved with patches and updates, unless the current upgrade is game breaking.
  9. First forum post of 2022! Happy new year all
  10. This is one annoy factor of APB designing, my car needs more work but I cannot do anything due to 'too complex' I hope the new engine bring more to the table when it comes to designing.
  11. Who ever comments below this one loses. Gotcha
  12. I feel the pain buddy especially when my design is complex
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