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  1. Just kidding... but idk why ppl are so emotionally hung up on this game's current state tho. I get loving the game, but you literally said it bores you. Like, why are you guys still here? Genuine question, cause I've never felt APB deserved my loyalty over this insane amount of time of basically zero progress.
  2. I don't really care, go be friends with "PepeHands" then.
  3. Everything about you just screams that you're the one who was toxic. From the way you post to even your profile, you just seem insufferable and gross. So, whatever... Bye I guess?
  4. It was pretty good, then it was absolute garbage, and nowadays I have no idea. Servers have been a ghost town so I can't play, LOL.
  5. This. Which is why I criticized them for their "solution". Most themes are creative and fun, but there's always a turd with some low IQ ear assault going on. Next to the ignore button on the scoreboard should be a "Mute Theme" button. Tired of my ignore list being as long as it is because simple functionality like this isn't in this dated game.
  6. Why? Takes 30 seconds to write that post. You think that equals spending an hour or more trying to explain to whomever why some SPCT dude doesn't deserve the spot? How does that make sense to you? I'll complain if I want to, thanks. Can't play the game cause it's dead, good thing we got you boys on balancing though. Always silver linings with me, y'know? Oh, and sarcasm.
  7. First off, you guys are an echo chamber. Getting you guys to agree to boot someone off would never work. Secondly, I don't dislike any of you. I'm not sucked into APB that hard to even care enough to hate someone specifically. And lastly, you flatter yourself if you think anyone cares enough to even attempt to dice up your SPCT clique. This game just isn't worth it. Basically, I suspect SPCT is a big reason the game's balance is so whack, but the game has been a freakshow for as long as I can remember, so I don't really feel the need to lower myself down to pick it up. Because to be honest with you, I think most people have better things to do.
  8. Specifically, SPCT is a joke. I know I'm a broken record, but balance shouldn't be handled by silvers or worse.
  9. Guys... If the game is making you sad or unhappy, stop playing. It's really not complicated. There are so many games to play. Come back when the update launches.
  10. AFAIK, proper instancing is already on the to-do list, so no one will be able to affect the outcome of your mission if they're not actually a part of your mission. Basically, this doesn't need another thread and is a subject that's been covered already.
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