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  1. Fell out of my pants while I heading to class in a hurry. Jeez mom, cut me some slack and just buy me a new phone, gawd.
  2. Someone smashed my car window to steal mine parked in a university campus. It happens. lol
  3. This is a travesty in and of itself. I run a community with 5k members on Discord, and one thing I've learned is a lot of people are really dumb. I had a support link for the game itself and we had to remove it cause people were using it to report our private server issues there... I can't even imagine how many hundreds (if not thousands) of people just pressed one of the big buttons district buttons and sat there in an empty district for hours and then unistalled after waiting for opposition. The merge can wait until the upgrade is done. Sounds like work and stress to patch a hole that might not even need to be fixed if we just make the game not outdated trash.
  4. Tarkov just wiped, why are you guys still here? Gosh.
  5. I'm literally playing MHW with 2 people I met on APB 8 years ago. The only interaction I get with other players these days are hackusations or that I'm a stupid b**** cause I killed them. Ya, it's really good. Not a spring at all.
  6. Have you ever tried meeting some of the people that play this game? I use my microphone for the first time in years and boom: I'm getting stalked. This community is toxic trash and what's left after years of bleeding out in the dust are almost universally antisocial neckbeards who grief and throw scat at you. Big shock that someone wouldn't want to group up. It's bad enough to have an itch to play this antiquated turd, but to actively group with people that play it daily? A fate worse than death, LOL.
  7. The point is to have someone to play with, period. Then when the game isn't out-dated and meme trash it'll fill up naturally.
  8. EvaPooh

    OCA-EW 626-SD

    You realize that people make mistakes and stop being a child by telling them to never, ever do it again, ever.
  9. EvaPooh

    OCA-EW 626-SD

    Alright, the next time you make a mistake in anything, you're no longer allowed to EVER do that sort of activity again. Simple, effective, illogical...
  10. So true. I Kickstarted Ashes of Creation in 2017 and that game has come further along than APB has in over a decade. The new Halo is coming out and it looks gorgeous and innovative. Tarkov is getting a huge map expansion and more. I don't really understand how APB is still even accessible these days... Other than shutting it down, selling it for a bargain to LO makes a lot of sense. I really hope LO didn't pay over 2 million USD for APB's rights, and if they did, I really hope they got a decent chunk of change from selling the future rights to that other company...
  11. Game's pop is in the toilet. I think a lot of people share that sentiment, but ok whatever.
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