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  1. Your sentiments mirror my own. When I was playing this game a lot, I was in high school. Now I'm a biologist researching biomagnification, just no time for it. Still makes me sad seeing new players get creamed and start blaming themselves tho, poor souls.
  2. It's not your fault, please take a break if you're losing heart. You have to remember, this game has been out for ages but it's just charming enough that it manages to hold onto a relatively small player base that has been playing it for many years. They know every centimeter of this map, know what works and when to use it, and know when you're going to reach the objective, when you'll attempt to do it, and how. Then, due to the small matchmaking pool, the strict PvP only gameplay, and the intrinsic ego that comes along with competitive gaming--you're almost guaranteed to end up feeling frustrated. It's a serious problem and unfortunately the gameplay loop hasn't been improved or innovated on in just as many years as some veterans have been playing. Once Little Orbit gets around to adjusting the 'meat and potatoes' of the experience, I'm sure we'll have cause to rejoice. TL;DR There's gonna come a day when you feel better, but when that day is coming, who can say?
  3. Be honest, you just love running down waves of pedestrians.
  4. EvaPooh


    Would that really surprise anyone at this point? This game is over a decade old with borderline no development done in almost that entire time. The fact the maps haven't changed 1 pixel since I was a teenager is mind boggling... There's STILL the same UI glitch for over 6+ years now. EDIT: For the record, LO is the best thing that happened to this game cause G1, driven by the winds of their incompetence, 100% drove it into the ground.
  5. No, what's dangerous is how people think they can just say and do whatever they want and everyone has to just deal. APB isn't the first game that doesn't allow toxicity--this goes way beyond our own little community. Stop trying to make it seem like LO is power tripping. And stop acting like entitled children when you lose a match, cause LO doesn't owe you anything when you act ugly. Do some of you even know what sportsmanship is? You got banned... Have some grace, jeez.
  6. In my opinion, I think car surfing is fine. It's not even that good (zero cover) unless it's a mission with a mobile objective or you're chasing/fleeing. Gravity hurts a lot (no HL) and so does losing Val tablets. I've never said to myself, "Wow, Car Surfer is strong." cause I don't care, it's impact is minimal. The real issue is when objectives/VIPs aren't locked into an area and they start running 1,200+ meters with the briefcase on Waterfront and an ALIG on top of a Pioneer. If they were actually locked into a contested 400m² zone, then it wouldn't be such a frustrating tactic and people couldn't drag it out or make the opp wait 15 minutes until the VIP mission timer ends... Zzz.
  7. Every 100 missions the 4 seats do come in handy for about 30 seconds, but tbh 4-doors in a world where car surfer exists makes it basically irrelevant. I'm almost max on my 2nd crim and I can recall maybe 4-5 times where those extra seats made any real impact. Like R3 said tho, it's usually just a fantastic way to eat a Conc Grenade and have your whole team cease to exist + lose all initiative on the objective(s).
  8. Honestly, some of the cars are unrealistically terrible; they need to overhaul the stats of most cars, cause there's a clear meta and it's a bit boring.
  9. Curious argument, considering you're playing a PvP game... Which the whole point of player vs. player is to outpace your opponent, but it seems you're the one who can't handle the pace your opp is setting for you. And before you get defensive, there's nothing wrong with losing; just learn from it and if you don't derive enjoyment from the activity take a holiday, permanent or otherwise. The only "/forfeit" that should be allowed are in cases of a 1-vs-1; they're a joke and not at all what this game was built for.
  10. I don't think a hungry-hungry-hippo at a buffet is really 'swapping', probs more accurate to say they'd be 'consuming', but I get your meaning, lmao. Just make the query only target accounts of X age or older and only accounts in good standing with no previous violations. Voila!
  11. Very true! I use 'the same name' for two characters as well, would suck if they altered it at this point. It's kind of a lose-lose with that solution too if you think about it; unless free name changes were complimentary relative to character roster size(s) I suppose... Idk, food for thought ig. ^^
  12. I hope not. It's literally the anniversary week, lmao.
  13. It gets kinda messy too, cause you have to manually type the name and sometimes people use i's or l's in place of each other to circumvent taken names, but they're totally different people.
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