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  1. Happy? No. But, if it means the gameplay improves overall then I don't care and I know we would be compensated in some way and they're just pixels. Regardless if it's a greater or lesser form of compensation it doesn't matter to me personally. So while I don't speak for others, your entire post is a mixture between decadence and entitlement. I feel it is unnecessary to point out the blatant irony of blowing 350 dollars on loot boxes whilst in the same thread insinuating I'm the kind of person who "burns" money, but I expect it would go over your head. After all, your post history is a joke. Maybe I'll see you in-game sometime and I'll stun you at 100m with LTL. ^.^
  2. That's pathetic. I own 2 volcanoes as well and would give them up in a heartbeat if it meant improving the overall gameplay for everyone. Your entire post is the epitome of what's wrong with this game.
  3. Yes. After a long day at work, I love to play ringleader and coerce a bunch of people to sit in an empty lobby and be patient for 30 minutes. LOL NA is a graveyard for a reason; it's too hard to just hop on and play, and the game has almost no growth with new players for old reasons. A queue would be very nice, so I don't have to sit there desperately spamming the join button for 10 minutes manually to join the only district with players that's available to me. >.>
  4. Just like martyrdom in CoD. It hardly works, but when it does, it's just annoying and unsatisfying.
  5. This game doesn't have a healthy enough population to support this yet. So, no...
  6. Gross. It's just an uninspired martyrdom and promotes retardation. This game has a huge skill curve. Pressing a button and launching a torpedo at 20 meters a second that insta kills isn't skill. It's just a stupid gimmick and I hate it. I haaaaate iiiiiiiit. >.>
  7. I'm surprised. Hope the engine update is soon so the matchmaking system and instancing can be focused on.
  8. Is this an inside joke I'm not aware of? Personally, I hate the ATAC. I think it's complete doggy doodoo... But I dunno. Just me I guess. ^.^
  9. Ya, I'm talking like 5-15 meters where you won't be able to do 2 bursts. ^^ That's awesome, mine was like 4k G1C or something insane!
  10. 1 burst will allow either pistol to kill in 3 shots, but the FBW barely breaks 1k damage and the .45 is more forgiving against CA3. Besides, the damn thing was like $40 or something when it came out for account wide, lol.
  11. Basically, all they do is make ARMAS gambling boxes not appear to countries that protect people from loot boxes. This way they're making sure Joker Mystery Boxes remain a compelling and exciting part of your APB gameplay in countries that allow them.
  12. More than most people realize. *shudder*
  13. Also, corsair is a pirate/raider from medieval Latin cursarius. 200... Goofball. LOL
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