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  1. I've been an advocate for it for ages for APB. I said it helped ruin WoW.
  2. Yeah, and it helped ruin it, lol. Would be great for APB though until its numbers aren't so low.
  3. Interesting read for sure, lol. Seems like LO hired a dev team to make a game last year(?) and they didn't deliver and talked trash so LO sued them for not finishing the project and casting shade on them in public. Anyway, I cleaned up the formatting on some spice to share.
  4. Matches already scale based on length. Can always just make an internal cooldown on forfeiting so you can't forfeit a dozen times in an hour.
  5. The ability to forfeit a 1v1 would be lovely.
  6. I don't know, I have a couple R255 on both sides and I think both factions have a lot of talented individuals.
  7. Why would I? No one to use it on. Haha... Ha... *Cry*
  8. I tried to play that game like 3 times and it was weird. Gave me like, Morrowind vibes it was so archaic and strange...
  9. Just kidding... but idk why ppl are so emotionally hung up on this game's current state tho. I get loving the game, but you literally said it bores you. Like, why are you guys still here? Genuine question, cause I've never felt APB deserved my loyalty over this insane amount of time of basically zero progress.
  10. I don't really care, go be friends with "PepeHands" then.
  11. Everything about you just screams that you're the one who was toxic. From the way you post to even your profile, you just seem insufferable and gross. So, whatever... Bye I guess?
  12. It was pretty good, then it was absolute garbage, and nowadays I have no idea. Servers have been a ghost town so I can't play, LOL.
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