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  1. thanks for that I will keep all that in mind ^^
  2. thank you sir I will keep that in mind
  3. yea about this, as most says best mods for N-Tec 5 are HS3, IR3 and MS, according to HS3 moving while shootings is not effective, so what im supposed to do at this point.
  4. keep it up I've seen new faces in APB the past 2 Weeks, expecting more if u keep working, please don't forget the engine upgrade, this update will revive the game by encouraging old players to come back and draws the intention of other gamers too, looking forward to see it happening, and good job Dev you're doing great so far ^^ thanks for the LO team too I've seen GMs and TGMs online too, that's relly cool keep up the good work guys ^^
  5. thx I will work on a clip for that reason.
  6. Hi everyone We all know that the N-Tec is a beast, but I just think that im not doing it the right way, I tap fire, I aim correctly and I make sure to hit all my shots, but sometimes or when it comes to gold players, it seems that im doing something wrong, I end up usually dead :I which's very disappointing, and is the Joker CR and the VAS Sword are the same as the N-Tec 5? what mods should I use and what I can do to improve my skills in N-Tec. Thanks in advance
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