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  1. LoveForMatt

    Anticheat Technical Questions

  2. LoveForMatt

    What are you excited for?

    Helicopters, motorbikes, horses, hit reg and probably more cheaters unbaned.
  3. LoveForMatt

    Bug Report #4

    Remember when a bug is fixed two appears, so dont ask them to fix them, you dont want to increase the number...
  4. Have the casual been purged?
  5. LoveForMatt

    San Paro casual. (trends 2018)

    And then they say my characters are ugly...
  6. LoveForMatt

    How special are you to this game?

    This is the funniest thing that happened to me: playing baylan as allways, I annoyed a guy cant remember how and cant tell the name & shame. By that time i was doing disgusting ponies symbols... he was so mad that he told me "i will enjoy killing you (tk) like you enjoy watching your horses fuck". To this day i still have some chuckles remembering it. I remember too that i would hide behind some players when he was trying to tk me and he would get fired back and killed. Good times... i miss them.
  7. LoveForMatt


    Which would be the same.
  8. LoveForMatt

    GPU overheating in log screen.

    I do use afterburner. And the point in my thread is not about my gpu overheating, is about my gpu ovearheatin in the logging screen. Thanks for the info anyways (about voltages). So either way people have problems with overheating in the log screen, or that the game consumes a lot of time loading it, that is annoying... i think it should be changed to the previous one. Or at least giving us an option to remove every shit that is not the game itself...
  9. Pro tip: when you are being fired by a shotgun type gun at 15m+ and you got nowhere to run or get cover, crouch and fire back. You will increase your survival probabilities.
  10. LoveForMatt

    GPU overheating in log screen.

    No game overload my pc... I been told that voltages can go +/-10% if i remember well.
  11. LoveForMatt

    N-tec bloom changes?

    I felt this too, probably ninjaed. Another ninja reverted nerf were yolos making a bigger down curve and then reverted back. "Transparency".
  12. I played as gold with 300+ ms when i wrongly picked server (eu). You are just making excuses.
  13. But you win all the time in bronze as silver. And it stoped when golds could access it. They are just silvers turning gold...