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  1. thx for the info, but the thing is, what about our redeem codes? Will they stay or timeout? Or will there be any way to get the items?
  2. I can understand that it´s a good idea to shut it down to prevent people from complaining, because they spent money on things they can´t use any longer. But i tried to redeem a bunch of old rewards to save the items. If the servers (still hoping) will be up again and our accounts transfered, all rewards will probably be timed out. Any idea how to acces those reward codes?
  3. just tried it during a heavy lag spike. locked me out for around 10 mins. during the rest of my playtime without lag spikes i had no probs
  4. Buy once from the market place, lowest amount of G1c is 5$, and your limit will be removed. Including 3 additional character slots, global chat, 3 craft slots and a bag of ingame goodies.
  5. Same. I was afk and suddenly found my self sitting in the middle of LA but LA was missing. Message: Game ofline
  6. You could try disabling post fx and advanced post fx. it´s often the reason for graphic problems.
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