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  1. 19 hours ago, Noob_Guardian said:


    You realize that imgur like 2-3+ years ago used to simply have "codes" listed to the side that you could copy and it would auto-paste right? .-. But thanks for letting me know how to do so now.


    Huh, I never knew people actually used those, since most of those pre-given links aren't direct urls most of the time.


    I thought it's internet 101 to right click, view image and copy the actual link just to be sure.

  2. On 3/15/2021 at 12:05 AM, Speedz said:

    Which things exactly make it cluttered for you? 

    Most of the designs I just came up with by looking at other sites and combining layouts I personally liked. I'm not the best at coming up with good UI/UX, so any feedback is appreciated.


    The "clutter" is fine.


    Though imo, the main content of the page should be a little more centered, which could be achieved by making the item selection list a little less wide. The filter side could also become a little narrower. 

  3. 12 hours ago, Goldexen said:

    >i want to find IF
    >i found out
    see the difference between two sentences? And two Varzugas are identical, RXS just lifted version and have slightly increased maximum speed


    apbdb.com is a miracle


    The two Varzugas aren't identical, they're two seperate cars that share the same model, but have completely different stats and sounds.

    The Han Veo and Han Coywolf are the same thing, both are different cars that share the same base model.

    The Vegas and the 4x4 Vegas are the same. But these don't have different sounds to them, only handling.


    Other than that, there are no vehicles that share the same model.


    The WCW is just a regular pre-designed Montane.

  4. On 3/3/2021 at 8:30 PM, Goldexen said:

    i want to find if the WCW and regular montane have differences, as you can see: no(because Varzuga and Varzuga RXS have them) 3)


    The Varzuga and the Varzuga Rally XS are two different vehicles. Even the door, horn and engine sounds are different.

    The WCW is just a pre-designed montane with preset mods in it.

  5. It's not optimized for current gen consoles yet.


    1 hour ago, isaac-the-dad said:

    What you think guys? Imagine no chat, no macros, no cheaters, no mouse! What a great experience it should be!


    The game still has chat. Macros are possible with modded controllers (scuf etc.) and you can still cheat by using a mouse/keyboard converter. But at least no wallhacks and aimbots!


    That aside though, yeah, overall a healthier game, but console APB has its flaws in other spots.

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    tbh you may have some problems with your account (changed character names, account migration issues), i have no idea how accounts that haven't logged in since before the migration are handled after so long


    The forced name changes are for people that shared the same name, and the one that logged into his account in a shorter timespan got to keep it.

  7. 2 minutes ago, isaac-the-dad said:

    Excuse me, but you didn't really answer my question - what I was wondering is, will it be customizable?


    Of course it is. It's the same base 4 slot car.


    The only non-customizable armas vehicles are the ones that already come pre-designed.


    Other than that, all joker store cars are uncustomizable, except the 4x4 vegas that isn't the firebomb.

    All time leased cars from contacts are uncustomizable, but permanent ones are.

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  8. 5 hours ago, PingOVER9000 said:


    .... for what I see until now,  seem the matter how it is all managed these balancing....


    I mean, after just spit out a weapon balance for a certain tier, "someone" just jump to another one, assuming the previous balance is well done and complete.


    spct or who make test/ change dont care about feedbacks, complain, or better manage a poll after some time the change, I didnt see nothing of at all


    for what I see after a first try, the change is permanent or 98% of times if there is a next changelog, it will just ruin (or at best incostitent) more the weapon/s itself (shotgun tier, far, rfp, thunder etc docet) , dont  dare to tell your opinion or waste your time, until competent LO team get the time for doing it properly  and shut down people such Frosi and Ghost seem we will see incostitent change for a long time.


    of course honestly not all it is such a waste, the cars change is a cleary exception and a well done balance


    I'm not sure what you're ranting about, you said a lot but never got to a point.



    Regarding your dislike towards Frosi and me, I can tell you that even if one of us manages to get a change into the game, it'll be tested by many people, from all kinds of skill territories. Getting rid of us won't change a single thing since it's still the whole team testing and discussing things, and LO pulling the major string in deciding what goes into the game.

    By the way, both of us were involved in the vehicle rebalance, which you seem to like. :)


    We're at least doing something to help the overall game health. It's way more playable than it was a year ago, but there's still many things to iron out.

    As @KyoukiDotExe mentioned earlier, it's very welcome and appreciated by everyone involved if people would make constructive posts about their ideas on things to change, instead of ranting here and there. That gets you nowhere.



    However speaking about weapon balance, I too am not a fan of basically rebuilding all the guns when there's only been a few problematic ones to fix before the shotgun changes and curve mechanics came in. But that's how it is now, and LO can't just flick a switch and revert to some older stats, especially not when it's older stats before LO got into APB.

  9. 1 minute ago, Hexerin said:

    You've got it reversed. The bug back in G1 days was that ammo was resupplied on respawn for free. Little Orbit made a change to where ammo wasn't automatically purchased at all (because they couldn't figure out the code to just fix the bug and leave the feature alone), but that triggered massive community backlash to the point they had to revert the change and return the system to how it was (bug and all).


    Are we talking about the same thing? I think we're not.



    There's two kinds of auto-purchasing ammo.


    The one I meant is that the game resupplies you with a full loadout upon respawn, even if your locker is empty.

    For the first few G1 years, you respawned without any ammo if you didn't have ammo in your locker. That eventually changed and you spawned with a full loadout.


    The other is starting to resupply with an empty locker, which takes a little longer.

    This has always been a thing and never changed, unless you count the time when the manual T resupply was changed to an automatic proximity resupply. But the mechanic stayed the same.

  10. 15 minutes ago, Aeronaut said:

    jesus christ it's like i stepped outside of a time capsule


    how long has it been like this?


    8 minutes ago, Hexerin said:

    Since always. If you have no ammo available, the game will purchase enough ammo to refill your gun when you resupply / respawn after a death. The downside to this is that it causes you to resupply slower, which still gives an incentive to stock up your ammo reserves between missions.


    So yes, it would be very nice if there was a way to just click a single button at the ammo vendor and have all your ammo types filled fully all at once.


    Eh, not always. G1 changed (or bugged?) that at some point, somewhere 2015 maybe?

    You had to purchase ammo for a long time.


    Eventually LO undid that for a short time, players didn't like it for some reason, and reverted it.

  11. 3 hours ago, TheMessiah said:

    We need monthly/weekly threat activities and option for equal threat challenges on mission districts despite the threat district.Golds can only challenge golds to a match,silvers only silvers etc.Something like that may actually calm down the spirits and can make the matches more fair plus there can be rewards JT,money etc


    Will people ever give up trying to fix matchmaking? Gold currently ranges from Silver 6 up to Gold 10. That's 14 threat levels to matchmake with.

    There's simply no playerbase for proper matchmaking right now.

  12. Yeah your picture is not working..



    Sure it's annoying but you can:


    • kill him

    • make him kill you 5 times so he gets kicked

    • request team leadership and kick him

    • wait for the enemies to kill him


    And what is "Why the game mechanics automaticly remove the Teamlider from the side?" supposed to mean?


    //Edit: throw a "concurssion gernade"

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  13. 8 minutes ago, RatedX said:

    While the "Lower skill" argument might seem elitist, its a true variable when it comes to Weapon balancing.

    Remember, people higher on the skill curve tend to have a better understanding on how to exploit game mechanics and weapon balance issues.
    For instance, the N-tec jumpshooting, while you rarely if at all saw a low-mid gold use it , it was a very common and blatantly busted mechanic that High-golds were using and abusing to effectively make the n-tec extremely viable in CQC.
    The old HVR QS mechanic is also a very good example.

    If you balance a weapon for the highest level of play, it will be balanced for the lowest levels aswell. However, balancing a weapon to appease the lower end of the skill spectrum will turn the weapon into a monster on the hands of a higher skilled player.

    LO listening to people on the lower end of the skill bracket is quite frankly, scary, in regards to future balancing to say the least.


    True, but there's also high skill players with questionable opinions about balance.

    There's been plenty of those that refused to acknowledge that the N-TEC was overperforming and needed changes.


    Balancing weapons with input from every skill level, data and as many players as possible is the best way to get an even playground.

  14. 29 minutes ago, Flaws said:

    I don't know if I feel like having the exact same discussion as we did a year ago. I disagree with most of what you've written and I think its the view of a player of lesser skill (nothing wrong with that), especially the N-TEC comment. I lack interest in the game nowadays to argue about these things again, especially considering that LO refuse to listen anyway. The population numbers speak for themselves.


    I'm definitely not going to start argueing with you, don't worry. It'll get nowhere anyway, considering your questionable view on game health.

    It's always funny when people think "lower skill level" is an argument, just shows how selfish someone thinks.


    Either way, you can trust me on this - LO does listen and there's a bunch of community players sharing their thoughts and playtests upcoming changes, coming from all skill levels, even including "yours".


    The population numbers go down because there hasn't been a single content update for almost a decade, only a few adjustments and smaller quality-of-life updates here and there like the trading system.

    It has little to nothing to do with rebalancing things, maybe a handful of players who had their overperforming crutches taken away.


    If anything, the fact that the game still has a playable playerbase after all this time just shows how big of a potential APB has.

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