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  1. Smells like a macro-ban victim. FairFight banned macro users for a reason. Semi-Auto weapons are supposed to be just that. Semi-automatic. If you make them automatic it wouldn't be a semi-automatic. Their slight increase in damage and accuracy is to make up for that factor, and using a macro, to make a semi-auto into an automatic is against the rules for that reason. In other words: My aim is bad, how about we add an auto-aiming bot that also helps me see targets through walls? That way, there would be no more people crying aimbot and getting banned. See the logic? Oh, and i heard FairFight used to calculate a player's clickrate to determine if it's human or machine. But don't quote me on it.
  2. Failed on me once the first time I tried it. Try loggin in once or twice. About 40 people on Citadel as it is. Took me a tad to load up though, but that's normal.
  3. Lowest you can buy is the 10 dollars for 30 days. That is excluding the 'chance' you might get a 15 day premium from a joker/gold box, but that's always a gamble init. It's not a huge issue, but still money going nowhere, and specially bad for designers that make an ingame living out of it. Not to mention leases of expensive weapons of 10k+ that still pass by even if servers are down or weapons bought with G1C for limited periods of time. Regardless, servers seem to already be back up. Thanks for resolving the issue. Fingers crossed it stays up. See you ingame.
  4. Ensuring the issue doesn't happen again would be enough for me. With that said, it's 00:40 in Portugal. Officially monday in Europe. APB was down the entirety of sunday. Wonder how much longer the servers will stay down.
  5. But at the same time companies love money. I doubt any sort of compensation for this issue will be anywhere worth mentioning. While it's understandable, as everyone needs money to live, the servers being offline on a weekend will hurt them quite a bit. Without propper compensation or motivation, or even proof that the issue was fixed and won't happen again, more players might actually leave.
  6. You can't exactly put $0.28 into apb for a day of premium. Days are bought in bundles.
  7. I had like 3 days left of it. Not sure anymore. Not that it bothers me much but it's still money gone nowhere.
  8. Servers still down at this time. Same error code, same problem. Kind of interested to learn what happened. I'm also curious about this "compensation" that was promissed to players too. I've lost almost over a day of premium to this situation.
  9. Worst Idea I've ever heard. Jericho is in North America, whilst Citadel is in Europe. Both servers ate literally half the world apart. To merge them would mean either the American players or the European players gaining over 100+ ping thus making the game unplayable for people with a lesser connection or at least much harder to play. You would lose even more people that way.
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