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  1. @MattScott @Androvald Pinging you 2 since this thread will die out like every other one in the suggestions. Also, better tickrate for servers pls.
  2. Mainstream games like Overwatch and AFPS titles like Diabotical (in CB still) and Reflex have implemented this amazing feature, can we get it as well? It'll also relieve all the mouse fix nerds trying their hardest to get the "least amount of input lag" in this game. pls LO ktnxbye. explanation how it works in ow diabotical's mouse movement is more robust at 5fps than cs is at >400fps!!!! imagine the impact it would have in apb?!
  3. he was tagged from earlier and he got one shot cause of that, id assume 1 pixel off is a lot smaller than you think lad and you can't move your mouse and/or crosshair by 1 pixel, git gud.
  4. fight club is just made for kills and long missions, i'm just baffled how the devs haven't realized this thus far. if they would only make both baylan and asylum be hold the point and 30min long. whoever thought putting dm in fight club and putting kill cap to 100/50 (baylan and asylum respectively) is actually mad.
  5. so you're basically saying make shotgun 3 shot to kill or some super long 2 shot ttk which doesn't enforce aggresive plays and just contributes to a already boring, super passive meta of cornerpopping for days on the trash hitreg we have for like 8 years? idk bud, different playstyles different needs
  6. obviously? jg is supposed to be the superior cqc weapon since of the cornerpeek advantage.
  7. theres no need to test them, just give us those stats back
  8. 100000000% agreed, looks soo cartoony and horrible. What kind of mad man thought that font looked good?
  9. 3 slot hvr, pmg, oca, dog ear, obeya, whisper, aces guns (keep this as last though, theyre fun to play with but theyre really niche and easily counterable) and showstopper/.45 ap/fbw sd as secondary if you want them.
  10. I'll take that as a tease, hopefully it'll be even better than the autumn assault one!
  11. OP was kinda confusing. I didn't mean weather, I've meant weapon skins that are themed in one of the 4 seasons.
  12. Following the vibe of the Autumn assault weapon skin, can we get weapon skins themed in all of the 4 seasons? I'd be lovely.
  13. Why can't they just release timeless clothing pieces (turtleneck, watch, boots, long sleeves for males, coats for both genders,new long sleeve variant for females, new sunglasses etc.) for once....these clothing items are getting ridiculous now.
  14. The laptop part is not an issue, it's basically the average PC rig users use. What I'm concerned about is this: Like, why? It's super counter intuitive to run ANY game in windowed mode, especially on that resolution. Why not fullscreen or fullscreen windowed @ low settings & different resolutions?
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