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  1. hehe, we don't tuck the jacket/shirt into the pants, we just fold it so that the bottom button cannot be seen (which is hard to do ingame).
  2. EU servers are pretty good, sucks having all my current contacts on Waterfront though with Financial being so much more populated
  3. I guess there is no way to get away from this fab
  4. Impressive stuff! Don't know if you are still active ingame but would defo be interested in picking a set up if possible.
  5. Nice. What's that chest rig called and what pack? The rig is simply called "Chest Rig" and I am using the "Rifleman Chest Rig Config" from the paramilitary pack. The backpack is the "Vintage Backpack" available currently separately on armas.
  6. I'm very much an amateur when it comes to this game, customization included. But here are the sets I have made so far that are at least bearable to the eye. This is a Swedish cold war era uniform, very simplistic. This is the classic Nutria Brown uniform of the SADF (South African Defense Force) Border War era. With some small flag symbols added for my own taste. This is something Swedish locals will know...
  7. Sent you a mail ingame, don't know if you are still alive but I am interested in your stuff!
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