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  1. As all the shooters, the aim is a fundamental variable. But what a paradoxal variable too. Fundamental too play, but passed a skill level, it invalidate the weapon statistics. However, I guess that when we bet on an invest as the .45AP, we bet on the probability to land 5 out of 7 shoots. That's only a probability but that's the possible (so satisfying) goal of the purchase, isn't it ?
  2. Lol indeed. But what do you think about the .45AP case ? It's not a pack, just a single weapon, that changes a lot. For my personnal experience, I bought 45AP only because I got rekt by that one many times. (I mean, 5 shot to kill ? With that fire rate ? Cmon that was insane). The only way to get it was sadly to cash shop it. I would probably never bought it if it was a simple skin of Obeya pistol. You know what I mean there The price/performance is not always a big dea,, but for the .45AP, I truely think it is.
  3. I completely agree with you. The sad point is that it's how the armas actually works. I mean, troublemakers, 45ap, those kind of weap you can find only on armas hit the highest price among the weapons you can buy. I find it actualy sad but nvm, I simply follow the logic of G1. Also it's a kind of justice for the players, I mean, let's take the exemple of the VAS 'Tin Soldier'. The only way to get that weapon is to pay for the Key of the World pack (around 100$). Just imagine if you buy this pack only for the weap, and result : That one is terribly bad (plop twist: Definetly not the best weapon ever). That would be completely bad because you would just have the feeling of wasting a lot of money. I'm aware about pay to win, but actualy the .45ap is pay to win (whatever if you master the weap or not). There is now 3 possibility : - G1 Low the .45AP stats but not the price (so it's not a good invest, and G1) - G1 Low the .45AP price but not the stats (so it would probably be an apocalypse in San Paro) - G1 Low the both price and stats and nothing change that much, and G1 still earn money. The fact is the game is damn old, but so gold to my eyes, and I hope it will stand for a long time. But everyday there is around 600 players online (EU serv), and I seriously wonder if Little Orbit can live with that. If they now loose a part of the shop, it would be an other bad point for them. Wonder who would spend 3900G1C for a unique gun which doesn't worth it ? No probably one - G1 Low the .45AP stats but not the price (so it's not a good invest)* My english sucks but I hope it still understable probably no one* (DAMN IT)
  4. Isn't it how things work in society ? A leather jacket will be obviously more expansive than a common low quality jacket. Even if it's virtual, it's still about money. According the fact that the .45AP hit the highest weap price, I don't find logic to let it that expensive if G1 low the stats. But I can still be wrong, so I don't promote anything
  5. Well, most Armas weap are skin of common npc's weapons. .45AP belongs to the unique weapons you can buy only on armas so I think the price take importance from this point. That makes a kind of p2w part. And if we dare spend 3900G1C for that stat of weapons, there would be a logic, and a justice for other players to put an appropriate price depending the stats of the weapon. That actualy makes sens for me but I understand your point of view too
  6. Unless they drop the .45AP's price* I go home I'm tired
  7. Unless they drop the .AP45 on the G1 Marketplace, I don't think it's a good thing to nerf it. It belong to the most expensive weapon of the Armas Marketplace. Instead of this, the RFP need a nerf anyway, yeah
  8. As a purist, I share with you what I made without any soft but photoshop and a screenshot Btw, you guys rock so much !
  9. Yeah I'll just be patient for now :)
  10. Well I'll refrain then ! Thanks again mate !
  11. Alright, thank for the quick reply ! About the personal mod I want to do on the login screen, do you know if it is allowed ?
  12. Hello, I create this Topic here because I don't know where to create it. I want to know if it's legit or bannable to mod the game login music. I'm about to mod it by changing the actual login menu theme by the following one in Gamersfirst\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Content\Audio\Soundbanks\Basic.bnk I miss this theme so bad, and I know many other players do miss it too. If it's ok, I'll share with you guys how to extract a .bnk file, replace one or more audio file into it, and how to convert it to a .bnk again. Please GM answer me that. Also it's a suggestion topic. So, if it's not allowed to mod that, I suggest you guys to bring that theme back. (Also if you can add it in the character customization, I would love you forever.) Thank you by advance for your replies.
  13. Hell yes ! You can add me in-game so I'll invite you in clan ! Nickname : Novergrind See you in San Paro
  14. Salut ! Je vais m'occuper de ton ajout au clan Tu peux m'ajouter en contact in-game ! Pseudo : Novergrind
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