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  1. Yeah Joker, first permanent gun I got from Armas as well. It's not auto but if you have a good round it was better than an auto. True dab.
  2. Premium is on for everyone because of the lockdowns? That is super nice thanks.
  3. I still believe it's ranks and visual perks that come with them that makes quite a few people do anything to get up there with the best, plus it also makes others feel looked-down upon for playing casual with a lower rank / visual perk. I liked how old fps games did it; unreal, quake and many more in the old days just had a kill-counter for the round / mission and that was it. Did people still cheat? Sure. Did people care? Hardly. The next battle / instance / server would be fine again and it didn't impact anyone really, except from that previous round. Gameplay like that doesn't tempt people to get that nicer visual perk, every dog can have a amazing kill-count round and nothing changes. If you talk about cheaters back then, those people really wanted to cheat to annoy people for a couple rounds, not to earn a nice visual token reserved for the best of players. Like that, for most cheaters, the cheating became more boring over time instead of giving back some feeling of being special. It also made cheats not to be really valuable, or even sell well. Most people didn't get the point of cheating in those extremely popular and crowed fps games. The more games tend to reward better players with visual perks the more the average / legit players start crying / cheating. Now they try to fix that with skill-based matchmaking and anti-cheat that acts more like spyware than protection. I often asked the question if some mayor developers struck gold after starting to sell cheats for games that give you a visual perks for "being better". The same goes for levels and progress and giving "better" players a faster progress. All of this is sold to us as making a game more "competetive" while in fact sitting alone in a room on a Windows-crap computer these new games being more "competitive" than the old ones couldn't be much further from the truth because of cheating. Thanks for reading my blogpost rant. And enjoy the games you like
  4. Once was in a team that chilled a lot on an attack mission and the defending enemy team got bored I guess and they stacked up dumptrucks... and then like attacked us, with a moving dumptruck-flat. The chill team was so impressed they gave them a couple car-medals. Maybe in text it doesn't sound as weird and funny as it actually was, still makes me smile. And of course almost everything you could do before the the out-of bounds era but yeah that's all been fixed for ages.
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