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  1. I hope this post finds good hands or should I say eyes, I will be more about evoking feelings keeping it open ended so you can guys color it your way: LITTLE ORBIT Adds new contacts to the game, but rather than being a continuation of tip toe devil dog line, players can pledge to this new contacts since being r25-75+ This contacts unlock other modifications, unique new ones, theres also the possibility of higher lvl mods leasing? depends on lo but ideally it gives low lvs more opportunities of playing with high lvl mods KEY IS You can be low lvl 195r - and pledge to this contacts to unlock this outsource mods. KEY IS This contact is accesible to both enfs and criminals equally, not faction KEY IS The kind of missions this contact gives you are DIFFERENT in what sense? They consist of messing around with other player on going missions, expect things such as retrieve the SUITCASE they are contesting. Keep the point locked, Savotage cars, YOU LOST: THE PIRATES STOLE THE SUITCASE WHEN YOU PLEDGE TO THIS OUTSOURCE CONTACT you become the 3rd team in the mission with a temporal objetive of iterrumpting it, SAVOTAGE it like a mercenary with other interests would. From the realitivity of those in mission they can choose if they cooperate to eliminate the intruder third team or continue playing the mission as it was while trying to avoid them, but if the new intruders manage to get their objetive the mission either ends or enters another kind of FINAL STAGE. THIS CHANGES THE MISSIONS STAGES, dinamically as they go. Tags: Third party contacts Third party of mercernaries Pirate Mode Outsource Shortcut Blackmarket SAPHIRE BLUE The contacts have themes of their own, for example hypotetical Alexa is just experimenting the effects of saphire blue on humans so she gives u missions where she tests her experiments and collects data. Norlan wants people to join his revolution which is a phylosophy of synchroniced anarchy, abolish all attempts of restoring the system and the statuos quo, the possibilities are endless~
  2. Why no Car mods? I would change car ammo supply so it can resupply enemies aswell (kind of like the yellow ammo boxes) instead of less cargo space
  3. Even a br event inside a normal district would make more sense, then you die and you can go back to playing missions. I think I am not the only one who prefers events in the district rather than separate districts for each of the things, maybe hardware can't handle it idk ><
  4. How do you drop them?!! Also I am having so much fun with this !!! regardless of if intended of not ><
  5. What is that config? the third one, where can I get one of those? Here my specs : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 8.0 GB Windows 10
  6. Apb is pretty unstable atm I wouldn't advice login tonight !
  7. The update solved this issue for me. However one of my friends (more of a friend of a friend) is having the same issue. This doesn't seem 2 be such a random unusual occurrence. Can you implement auto kick fuction for people who sit in district select for more than 15 minutes? It seems like a good temporary solution
  8. Spawning on the creentox without a hazmat suit sure is fun ><
  9. Why are are these graphics better looking than the current ones, aren't they supposed to be older ?
  10. That looks like APB! but is not bcause of the top on the right and the hairstyles! And the horse lol whats dis
  11. OMG plz tell me about those games with better gameplay! I personally have never find something that feels remotely close to Apb's gameplay flow and feeling!
  12. I was talking about the system, which create the culture that spawns such comments in the first place >< tbh I play in silver and ppl whisper me stuff like " aww was bronze district empty ? "
  13. How about the people who legit can't keep gold but in bronze aren't silver, this players are called "fake golds" in gold and in bronze they are seen as bullies. The whole system needs a rework ><
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