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  1. I hope they replace civilians with zombies under the context of a halloween event !!!
  2. Why can fornite and pugb be T ? >< They have headshots and you kill each other until just one person remain, apb does not even localized hitboxes, is more abstract gameplay wise. I dont want apb to literally have a T rating, but if this game stopped trying to sell itself as a gta clone and instead focused on the gameplay and social things that make it unique it could last a long healthy live and enjoy a bunch of new players like me but I get it you dont want more players like me
  3. Is there a way to get them before valentines , I dont feel like by valentines I could still be playing this game, unless it isnt ded yet! but is there a way of getting those guns before valentines like ever some kind of special sale every time the moon aligns a certain way, anything?
  4. I want them to fix the silenced scout bug where you cannot switch to pistol for like a whole 2 seconds, after you shoot it gets stuck All those leftovers of clunky fixes !
  5. You are one of the few people who are really just giving their perspective, have a cookie, or should I say a finger ( psst it's jhon wick's )
  6. but varies according to each individual, which is why when a game is open lures playesr with diferent visions , feelings an ideas. But dw I see this community on the forums enjoys, celebrates and defends playful toxicity so I dgaf, enjoy it while it lasts Einstein and tesla said everything is energy, and we are therefore energy. The game then fails for energetic reasons , not rational ones, is obvious if you are not depressed xd
  7. I dont even care if people agree or not XD I just feel that the more stripped down to gameplay and visuals a game is the better it performs over time. Csgo for example there is no narrator telling you how to think about your enemy at all I have no patience to have rational discussions with people who take things literally This post was meant to be more chill and a lot of people are right but they don't get being rationally right is not enough I couldn't care less about this game's ersb rating, plz loose your ties ><
  8. probably isnt but for social reasons, like people being negative for the sake of it My post is more of an ousider perspective of why this game feels locked on some past age
  9. The place you reply from is a proof that you do know what Im about and u just wanna put me down for the nihilistic lulz
  10. Is just depressed and you try to make your selves look cooler by making fun of his bitterness
  11. This devs where precursos on a lot of contemporary mechanics and systems found on now more popular games. As you can see in the crackdown gameplay they always overloaded their games with curse words for the lulz. Theres was a game which recently failed just for that single reason, it was called drawn to death, it failed to keep its players simply because of the sensation you were agreeing with the mindset of the narrator and the unecessary negativity of the text. Apb does a lesser version of this it was made by celebrated designer david jaffe! I always thought it would had more of a chance on pc but still they would have had to trim down the uncessary open audience killers ><
  12. Mmh is mostly about removing unecessary negativity makign the game more. 1 Timeproof and replayable 2 Open 3 stylish and less crowded. A lot of M rated games fit the parents say 12 + category (ie battlefield 1) on a lot of sites so is mostly a perception thing more than actually getting a T rank, in fact I all in for stylish cartoon blood~ < I mean this looks so bad a$$ and ezee on ur pc at the same time, is so waterfont on shaders looking and the shadows contrast is ♥ This graphic style just favors this game so much, it makes it IN again just think about it >< Original APB was made by cartooon looking crackdown developers!
  13. A lot of people here are sporting the I am a rational adult attitude where they feel the need to put others down to feel cooler, thats around 2009 conciouness when there were songs like sean kingston's beautiful girls playing around. In those times u had to be mean to be cooler and you r doing the same, noobs xd Call me a kid, what I said is not about my sensitivities being hurt, is about the culture the game creates when it could be more open. The most famous multiplayer games are super open, lore is something u read on external sites and the gameplay and design does the talking In this game you are encouragued to be mean and toxic unecessarily but is more about being open and time proof than any moral thing, titanfall was the only multiplayer game I have seen doing that induction and minset framing and look where it is now. Openness encouragues people from diferent backgrounds converging in a single game, while minset framing will just keep the players that agree or can shrug it off. Is logical. From an enterpreneur perspective an M rating means less reach, T is the rating (wow,lol,fortnite) Famous games are played in wider audiences, society favors and supports " Parents say age 12+ Kids say age 13+ " games way more. Is not about morals or politics is simply about fostering a more positive, neutral experience that the player can choose how to view as. Is more proffesional and less politic
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