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  1. 1) I had a bunch of client crashes and I submitted the info from the popup. 2) Cant activate music player in Social. 3) No explanation needed see pic below.
  2. The first words out of his mouth were about his stream and his videos about the bug. I'm willing to bet his intentions were to promote his video content to gain fame and not with helping the devs find a game breaking bug.
  3. Im sure they put that in so people can lend some one all their legendarys and then give them back on a regular basis. Sorta like account sharing but not sharing account but legendarys.
  4. Its a bit over powered really as I was getting MVP in Fightclub using only this and not my primary. Its kinda stronger than the rest of the shotguns at short range but not as good at long range. Equip time is OK other wise it would be even more OP with long range primaries. Pellet spread is good. I think the only thing is the damage need to be taken slightly back. Obviously the Joker box one with the longer range will be even more over powered and we will see lots of tears shed.
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