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  1. 1. As far as I understand we won't have an ability to abandon mission we wouldn't like to play, is it correct? (Because of the people we don't want to play with, because of the last mission stage, etc.) 2. As far as I understand solo players will still be facing premade groups of players thus getting themselves in the disadvantage from the mission start? (e.g. 2 random players vs 2 premade players, all with about the same skill level)
  2. who

    testing weapons

    place where you can test all the in game weapons available (from contacts, js and armas). by testing i mean testing how they handle
  3. imagine making mission targets closer and more balanced, yes please
  4. can we have that back pls. at least for the exclusive armas ones
  5. who


    option to: - disable other players/cars customization (like with death themes) - disable circle blue/red waves over the radar when missions are on (like with muzzle flash and magazine casings) - trade joker tickets like apb$ option not to: - play vs groups (or friends/clan members who "accidentally" decided to ready up at the same time) proposals from the category of impossible: - toggle on/off different mouse sensitivity (player can have 2 or more mouse sensitivity settings (e.g. [14, 6] and [23, 10]) and can toggle it with certain button when needed) - option to have permanent night/day in action mission districts since some players prefer only day/night time (or at least more night cycles since it seems that day cycle takes 90% of the time)
  6. who

    Mid-Summer Sale 2023

    norseman hell, fursuit. thx
  7. who

    Mid-Summer Sale 2023

    can u pls add norseman hell to js when the next sale happens? ty
  8. who

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