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  1. Wouldn't it be easier for LO to create some kind of a ingame poll, that would contain rating of the certain weapon from 1 to 10 e.g. Then it'd be easier to accumulate all this statictis and make a final decision. Obviously 1 attempt per account, not character. Not sure what to do with multiple accounts, mb account should exist more than 1 year and shouldn't be abandoned or smth. But here you also can just spam accounts and post the same sheets in the thread.
  2. stopped playing apb cuz want to see tommy gun and norseman buffs, but lol ull never make it huh
  3. ternachkan


    Can u plz make an option for 2v2 / 3v3 or 4v4 matches only. I'm so tired of playing solo vs 3s and 4s premades. idc if they'd have to wait thats what u get for having such an advantage as a premaded team. I want to have solo missions but only 2v2s. Is it god damn possible to achieve after eu ty so much. *still fumin*
  4. Norseman 3 slot on JT Store when Norseman Hel on JT Store when
  5. oh yes! im blind.. w8, hold on, its always been there and i still cant sell bought guns 4 jts...
  6. thats so great! would love to see the functionality of selling bought JS guns for the portion of Joker tickets spent and other armas weapons in the list! also it'd be cool to have all variants of opened slots avaliable: JT1/2/3
  7. I think there was smth like that before, but I'm not sure, so I'll just post it here... Unfortunately, a lot of APB community members are toxic, even I am. We all know that, right. But I think LO can lead APB to its best in the future, and I feel kinda sad for LO to interact with such community at the current stage (I do not say that all members are bad, etc. pls don't start...). I just want to say thanks for the effort they are doing and to put some sort of 'like' here. Reply "+" or smth like that if you agree and want to inspire LO even more
  8. it's just a worse OCA with larger mag (Tyr, Hoenir). Hel and Odin have interesting, but weak accuracy mechanic. Personally, i'd love to see the usual Norseman (Norseman JT3 or smth) with some interesting in-build mechanic, e.g. it'd have the same slow ttk, but great accuracy when you hip-fire it (like the accuracy you have at the last fired with the Hel one). So in order to make it good u'll have to track with it flawlessly or mb smth like that idk..
  9. tournaments, lol. this game is cancerous as hell: corner hugging, nades that make ur life so much is ezier, rng factor being everywhere (civilians running in front of u, carbine's spread (that 4 some magical reason is so god damn good 4 low res stretched players, who can literally spray the sh*t out of the carbine and get those shots on target), etc), cancerous shotguns that can outplay so much setups by just having their own mechanics..... dude, im fumin... this game deserves everything, but tournaments. Thats for official ones. For f a n m a d e ones idc
  10. dude i really want to have full desk mouse pad lol
  11. U mean the vertical one? If u make TG with less vertical recoil, it'll be too ez to use. It just has to be the way the OSCAR is presented nowadays: not ez to use, but as a reward 4 good aiming u get a really powerful gun. Why not to make TG being the same way.. Just make it less horizontal recoil and more vertical recoil, faster ttk and there u go. ATAC and MANIC are so god damn ez and boring, but just outplay TG in every scenario... why...
  12. dude, u actually represent a typical forum reader. i've used manic lots of times and its just better than TG. And where the hell did i say, that manic is p2W?? pls read my text properly once again.
  13. Dear LO, I understand that weapon balance is supposed to be done after the EU, but still, I would like to express my thoughts about one particular weapon before WP. Basically TG is just weak atm. Isn't it supposed to be a really good gun, that pretty much melts people, but also takes decent effort in use like the OSCAR does? Both, OSCAR and M1922 are available through some decent ingame progression, both guns require effort in order to be good (OSCAR requires good aim and ability to maintain fast RoF; M1922 requires good tracking and ability to control the recoil), and only OSCAR can actually destroy people and be a very decent weapon. So why the TG is just weak? And unfortunately, ability to put CJ3 in it doesn't make it good. It just makes it an absolute "spray and pray" weapon and it's still worse than hip-fire SMGs like OCA / PMG with or without CJ. Decent mag also doesn't help much, when the weapon justs loses to most of the other guns. Until You added some of the ARMAS weapons in JS, it was an absolute delirium, cuz S1-NA was a straight upgrade to the M1922 and it was only P2Play. So why the TG, that takes more effort than S1-NA (M1922 is definitely harder in use rather than S1-NA (except from the mag size)) and primarily supposed to be bought ingame should be worse than S1-NA and its "brother" (regarding ingame progression) OSCAR, which also takes decent effort and primarily supposed to be bought via ingame money? That's a really stange and sad thing to see tbh Personally, I would love to see TG being really accurate in marksmanship mode and really inaccurate while hip-firing, having less horizontal recoil and MUCH more vertical recoil, having huge accuracy loss when players put CJ1-3 in it, and mb a little bit faster TTK. That's just my personal take on it. Thank You for Your time and sorry bout bad ENG
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