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  1. can we have silvers have lesser words they can type here? or anywhere where thay can suggest ideas they only good point here is suggestion to have no nades. yea, id rather remove em at all, but thats cos i hate em
  2. what? in what way it is harder? not sure about s1-na, its a pocket atac, doesnt rly take any skill to use. agree that mb it needs faster ttk than 72, but then u need to buff tg. or make atac 72 and s1-na 70, but also buff tg vas-c2 is a difficult one. it was op, but i cant remember what did they change. its about fine imo, noob friendly, but sometimes still can kill pretty fast
  3. why shotguns are unhealthy? i mean i agree w that statement, just wnat to know thoughts behind that
  4. You - "the document was done as a passion project of mine" Matt Scott - "I personally have already created a 18 page document" apparently I don't understand something --- in any case, if you determine the course, thats definitely better than the other options
  5. Why there are such phrases like "I suggest"? So the whole game balance is determined by 1 SPCT member? I've read few changes. - Norseman A sounds interesting only if you add it to JS (not sure who will buy it when you have 2 best SMGs that are F2P (and those who bought it prob not playing anymore)) Norseman 'Hel' has interesting mechanic. When you fire it long enough - it is in some way become a combination of OSCAR and TG - it has decent accuracy in hip-fire mode like the OSCAR does and it also can "shred" people relatively fast like the TG does. It will be kinda interesting to play over this mechanic. - ACES changes prob wont make any difference, one person suggested interesting change regarding mag size - VBR changes prob wont make any difference, it has no problems with reload speed and range - FAR is broken and you buff it (no one uses it cos ntec or they prob dk bout this gun at all) - STAR is already very good, you buff it (no one uses it cos ntec or they just consider it boring) - dk why you nerf RFPs range, just change Fangs mod (at this point it wont make any difference, everyone will still play .45) - wheres tommy gun...? Gun is just weak. Isn't it supposed to be a really good gun, that pretty much melts people, but also takes decent effort like the OSCAR does? Both, OSCAR and M1922 are available through some decent ingame progression, both guns require effort in order to be good (OSCAR requires good aim and ability to maintain fast RoF; M1922 requires good tracking and ability to control the recoil), and only OSCAR can actually destroy people and be a very decent weapon. So why the TG is just weak? Running it with CJ1/2/3 doesn't make it good. It just makes it an absolute "spray and pray" weapon and it's still worse than hip-fire SMGs like OCA / PMG with or without CJ. Decent mag size also doesn't help much, when the weapon justs loses to most of the other guns. Imagine you are playing TG without CJ at those ranges vs a certain weapon, you put lots of effort in it, is it better than?: - 0-20m vs OCA / PMG - no - 20-30m vs Carbine / OSCAR / mb even .45 - no - 30+m vs ntec / OSCAR / .45 - no Imagine you are playing TG with CJ at those ranges vs a certain weapon, you doesnt put much effort in it since your crosshair is very big, is it better than?: - 0-10m vs OCA with CJ (or mb even without) / PMG with CJ (or mb even without) / JG with IR (or mb even without) - no - 10-30m vs OCA with CJ (or mb even without) / PMG with CJ (or mb even without) / CSG with IR (or mb even without) - no If 2 players are about the same skill, I personally don't see any room for TG to be a good weapon. And it's not on the list.
  6. at this point u need to make pretty much all weapons to take more skill to use since there are so few guns in apb that actually take real skill to be good with
  7. yes, idk why they made it 9+ stk u havent played vs good 45 players then
  8. ntec nerf's purpose was to give other guns room to be playble. these nerfs didnt help. everyone still runs ntec. same story w pmg and obir, i barely see players play ocas or obeyas, not even talking about other weapons
  9. more importantly, why ur not nerfing obir? ntec? far? pmg? guns take 0 skill and dominate on the battlefield. obir and ntec reward players for playing like rats - cornerhugging. idc its a tps, its cancer gameplay. why players still can start coocking nade and cancel it an infinite number of times? idk smth? or mb irl it works a lil bit different? and u r nerfing dmr?
  10. great to hear smth is gonna change, but would it actually balance the game? rn everyone plays vegas, everyone plays .45 and pretty much everyone plays ntec/pmg/obir. this doesnt seem to be balanced
  11. Can we have more free items pls? There r not many left. Can we have ghost and bats skins druing halloween? Nutcracker during new year? Animal suit during easter? Norseman hel in the JS?
  12. how should I have a great week when treat gives me the same skin as a reward for completing activity
  13. add Norseman 'Hel' to the joker store pls ty
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