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  1. lol came here to get or at least to buy animal suit but u r greedy and decided to put them as one bundle. bb till the halloween event i guess
  2. easter this year? or that's the stage where u dont even copypast events?
  3. also would be a cool option to sell JS guns for the portion of Joker tickets spent on buying them, mb like 0.5 of the initial price... anyway, who even reads this...
  4. Add some more guns to the JS, please. I assume that pretty much no one buys armas reskins since there is everything in JS. Add, e. g. Norseman 'Hel' JT2 PR1, STAC 10 Tactical JT3, VAS R-2 'Crown' JT2 PR1, Joker TAS20 - Tactical, Obeya FBW-SD "Kitteh".. Mb add one or two legendary weapons as its been done with Raptor 45 'Condor' - there is Raptor 45 'Hawk' JT1 version with one open slot with ability to put red mod in it. So mb add a VBR_Silencer JT1 or smth.. I mean how long r we gonna w8 for eu. Adding these existing weapons is possible with current engine and will probably make a game a little more interesting for some time. At least I think so...
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