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  1. I can never find the posts, but people are playing like it
  2. Feels like some sweaty nerds are already playing a million dollar tournament majte
  3. I don't have an ATAC and it's not broken. Play for your advantage and that is not standing in an open spot against an ATAC
  4. I don't see your point. I said Ursus was not like regular N-TEC
  5. The Ursus is not similar to N-TEC outside of name. The Ursus has a 5 shots to kill where regular N-TEC is 6. The popularity of it and reason it is often sold for 6m is because it's simply a really good gun, so it is in higher demand than the others.
  6. You're silver and don't even understand 10% of the game
  7. Haven't met anyone I really felt cheated in a long while. Just some really sweaty players though
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