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  1. I have got rtx 2060 super. And I should say - you're lucky. At least you're able to play "smooth" enough, without constant crashes. As for me, my game just freezes at the spawnpoint absolutely randomly - it doesn't relate to the playtime in the district. The problem is the only way to quit freezing means to get the crash report. And, as other people mentioned, switching the graphic settings doesn't impact this unavoidable process. It goes without saying - it's annoying. And sadly nobody is going to fix it. At least I don't see the real attempts of somebody to fix it. Doesn't it mean the game is outdated? I hope not.
  2. But let's be honest - what's new in this contest? Red pumpinks? It's not a big deal to recolor old models and make it look like "a new content". As for another part of this event - we saw all of it so much times, it's not a development. It's just turning on repetitive event. That's all.
  3. apb was never supported at nvidia, it's for sure, but somehow it's working on older gpus. what do you mean "my problem"? At least check this thread, but i believe there are more threads at this topic. And don't tell me "development will stop" because of it - this fixing is a part of this 'development'. Even Matt Scott told they know about this problem (on the Q&A session), but still - there isn't any solve.
  4. Nice event, indeed. I know it's irrelevant, but I'm just asking you, Little Orbit, did you think about people who potentially can play this game, but can't becuase this game isn't optimized for new gpus? What's the point to make any event, while you don't fix such troubles, which may happen at your community? What do you think of this: how is it like to buy RTX gpu (not the cheapest gpu, i remind) and experience the constant crashes? And there wouldn't be a problem if only one person has this issue. We say about 90% of rtx owners. And it seems you're not going to do anything about it. And don't even tell me to ask support what to do:while the problem is massive, it makes no sense. When are you going to fix it instead of doing completely useless things?
  5. @MattScott just out of interest: will you annul in-game cash of Innova's players? Because a lot of them have millions, it would destroy actual economics if russian community brings its cash on Citadel. For example, a legendary gun (on Innova) could cost 30-40 kk, just because cash's worth was very low.
  6. Weird situation. I swear some of guys who had got banned are innocent. I want LO to understand the situation right and make an amnesty.
  7. Also, I will provide two copies of a theme which I don't sell anymore but a lot of people are still asking about it. Try to guess what is it. And come to Flaws' stream to get a chance to get it for free. See you!
  8. Well, in previous experience we could see that servers merging (innova's pioneer to Nekrova, Han to Jericho) isn't a difficult problem: I had even been surprised when I saw g1's success of merging Innova's server to Nekrova. So a new engine isn't a barrier, really. I can argue. Jericho has more online at its prime time, Nekrova has a district with 20 vs 20 people at its prime time. It's not news that all russians who want to play apb had come to Citadel. But why innova's players' rights had been violated with our knowledge about successful transfer of brazilian server's players? Their transfer wasn't a problem, nobody discussed it. That's not players' problem that GMs had given them special mods from gamefiles. I don't belive admins can't "expropriate" this unique content. As for absence of a world merging's reason. I want to remind that during the merging of Colby and Joker some players who played on Joker lost their good ping and that's pity they can't play on unioned server as earlier. In the current situation it'd be reasonable to merge all servers to one just to let people play in districts with the lowest ping.
  9. Hello. I address these words to LO staff (in particular to @MattScott) primarily. A couple of weeks ago I heard a rumor by one man who told me that you, Little Orbit, are going to merge all servers (Jericho and Citadel, at least) to one. The problem with ping would be solving by means of regional districts (for example, Financial-EU1 (2,3.4 etc.) for players from Europe with the lowest ping for them and Financial-US1 (2,3,4..) respectively) but all players from the whole apb could exist on one server and could meet in any time. I asked @Kempington on the stream if he knows something about it. He told me it's your real idea. So, my question now: do you really want to merge all servers to one? And if you really want to do it when would you start doing it? Thanks in advance.
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