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  1. Put your themes on marketplace restricted to Kempington on friday (same nickname on Jericho and Citadel). That's an official information which Kemp was talking about on stream today.
  2. Arwo

    merge characters from nekrova

    @MattScott just out of interest: will you annul in-game cash of Innova's players? Because a lot of them have millions, it would destroy actual economics if russian community brings its cash on Citadel. For example, a legendary gun (on Innova) could cost 30-40 kk, just because cash's worth was very low.
  3. Weird situation. I swear some of guys who had got banned are innocent. I want LO to understand the situation right and make an amnesty.
  4. It's a laconic message but promising: https://clips.twitch.tv/ExcitedFuriousHarePoooound
  5. Also, I will provide two copies of a theme which I don't sell anymore but a lot of people are still asking about it. Try to guess what is it. And come to Flaws' stream to get a chance to get it for free. See you!
  6. Alright. I'm not Kempington but I can give some information about the next season. I have learned about it when I was talking with him after the last musician standing. Firstly, @Kempington accepts that organization of last musician standing wasn't perfect and he's going to fix it in the future, to prevent it in the next rounds. As @MartinPL said before, the next season won't be started before 2019. There was also a talk about voting system. That's not a secret that it's too easy to hack votes at strawpoll, changing ip address via vpn browser's extensions. There will be a new voting system where people can vote only one time. And where there's no chance to see the amount of votes before voting finishes. Btw, we won't probably have any judges in the next season. As for blind audition - Kempington is sure he would blur nicknames and participants would show their themes via marketplace. But ofc people wouldn't know the nickname of creator. They will vote for theme, but not for nickname. Also you probably know that this contest has become monthly. That's why there'll be 3 (!) prize places (100£, 50£, 25£). The most important thing here is when somebody gets the first place he can't participate until Last Musician Standing. I wanted to offer him forbidding to take a part for people who gets 100£ in amount (for example, 25+25+25+25, or 50 + 50, or 50 + 25 + 25), but @Kempington hasn't answered me. Yes, I know there could be situations when people get 50 + 25 and 100 pounds and basically they can get more than 100£, but it'd prevent situations when participant can't get the first place in any time, however he's a good creator for taking a part in last musician standing. That's all I can say. I'd prefer to wait for more official information.
  7. Hello! This video is a compilation of key points of the Last Musician Standing which was occurred at 17th of november, 2018. Our winner is Propanity (aka schlepstein); vintMint has taken the second place, LIF - 3th, Vacancy - 4th. All of them have got the real money on their PayPal wallets, so congratulations to them! Also Kempington have given away a special exclusive theme for people who was in the finalists' list. The record of it will appear soon on my channel. Regards to Kempington. Hope we'll see a new season next year. In a new way, ofc.
  8. Hello. This time i won't say something about approaching of lms. Just watch it.
  9. Hey! I want to remind you that Last Musician Standing is approaching! The date - 17th of november (in one week) as I said earlier. You will check it yourself at twitch.tv/kempington @Kempington will give the exact time later. First we are waiting for our participants: schlepstein, Vacancy, LIF, esgobar, Qooooooo, swindle, Arwoss, vintMint, Boofu and Snakeyio. But the most important people are you, dear viewers. I'm sure it'll be really interesting event and stream in apb in the past half of year. See you later! UPD: Sorry, I have watched Kempington's stream of yesterday and heard that time for LMS is 10 pm GMT. Apologise for failure to provide the exact information earlier.
  10. Hello! Due to the fact that Kempington doesn't update a thread with rules for last musician standing, I'd like to do it instead him on the rights of the Keeper of the Themes. @Kempington would correct me if I explain something wrong. Let me tell you first about last musican standing (LMS). LMS - last part of theme scenes (of the first season): only winners from previous rounds may take a part in it. Now I can explain the main rules. RULES: Only winners from previous rounds can participate in LMS (the list of winners exists as a first message in this thread); The date of LMS - 17th of november (saturday), at evening; The participants should show 2 (3 for people who goes through to the four finalists): a new theme (any genre, any lenght) which you think is the best; a lost tape. Interesting idea by Kempington: people get a pair by a lottery (have already got) and make a theme in the main genre of each over Our pairs: a) schlepstein - Vacancy b) LIF - esgobar c) Qooooooo - swindle d) Arwoss - vintMint e) Boofu - Snakeyio In this way participants show their ability to adapt to different genres; any theme which you have ever created and can prove you own creator's account. You can also take your lost tape or theme which was made special for it, doesn't matter. As I said you're available to show the third theme only if you go through to finalists. PRIZES: The first place - 200£ The second place - 100£ The third place - 50£ The fourth place - 25£ (via PayPal) See you at 17th of november!
  11. Well, in previous experience we could see that servers merging (innova's pioneer to Nekrova, Han to Jericho) isn't a difficult problem: I had even been surprised when I saw g1's success of merging Innova's server to Nekrova. So a new engine isn't a barrier, really. I can argue. Jericho has more online at its prime time, Nekrova has a district with 20 vs 20 people at its prime time. It's not news that all russians who want to play apb had come to Citadel. But why innova's players' rights had been violated with our knowledge about successful transfer of brazilian server's players? Their transfer wasn't a problem, nobody discussed it. That's not players' problem that GMs had given them special mods from gamefiles. I don't belive admins can't "expropriate" this unique content. As for absence of a world merging's reason. I want to remind that during the merging of Colby and Joker some players who played on Joker lost their good ping and that's pity they can't play on unioned server as earlier. In the current situation it'd be reasonable to merge all servers to one just to let people play in districts with the lowest ping.
  12. Hello. I address these words to LO staff (in particular to @MattScott) primarily. A couple of weeks ago I heard a rumor by one man who told me that you, Little Orbit, are going to merge all servers (Jericho and Citadel, at least) to one. The problem with ping would be solving by means of regional districts (for example, Financial-EU1 (2,3.4 etc.) for players from Europe with the lowest ping for them and Financial-US1 (2,3,4..) respectively) but all players from the whole apb could exist on one server and could meet in any time. I asked @Kempington on the stream if he knows something about it. He told me it's your real idea. So, my question now: do you really want to merge all servers to one? And if you really want to do it when would you start doing it? Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm happy to announce the genre for next week - hip-hop of 80s - 90s. No time limit. Good luck for all participants.
  14. No. The next friday is usual. Kemp didn't tell the exact date of the last round. Just told "soon". It could be done in two weeks, three weeks, not sure about more than in one month but who knows?