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  1. You won't get banned for name and shame. If anything the topic will be closed, but typically they just censor it out.
  2. How So? Because I made an observation of typical American behavior and commented on it. Seems to have triggered some.
  3. On my phone, no signatures. And who said I'm Euro? Also posts can have more than one subject lol.
  4. The RFP allows you to corner pop really effectively. Something the 45 can't do. At which point TTK becomes near irrelevant.
  5. Lol, and another blatant case of not reading. I could prove ownership and was actually in the process of acquiring the info. But Matt finally understood what the issue was, and there's no need to provide the info. Again, I ask if you have to provide transaction IDs if you click to reset your password (something G1 forced on people). Anyone else got an opinion on something they didn't read about? Lol, I can tell most of you are from America.
  6. Was in the edit when I left for work yesterday. Strange. Here it is again lol: https://imgur.com/gallery/srLfAQY Thanks for pointing that out.
  7. From what I remember you only lose a percentage of xp and money if you go into lower threat districts. Though this may have been changed after I left for a while and doesn't anymore. But going up I don't think ever penalized you.
  8. Already provided all of that lol. That was used to "locate my account".... after I told them the email it was under. Lol, this support ticket experience has been a ridiculous ride lol.
  9. I didn't buy anything for a long time. I also quit shortly after starting in frustration. Plus it's still me having to go through and get them. My bank records online only hold 40 pages of transaction history. Which goes back to October of 2017 lol. Not nearly far enough, so I have to ask for printed records from a time range at my actual bank. This is also bites into my free time which lately isn't very abundant and I'd rather not spend all the time sifting through records after I worked all day just to prove it's my account when all I want is the reset function to work like it does for everyone else lmao. Which again, I didn't ask for. G1 forced it and it's broken for some people for whatever reason. Do you have to do This just to reset your password? I don't believe so.
  10. See your lack of reading is showing in both your posts. So no, it doesn't matter. Thanks for the free bumps btw, not that it really matters.
  11. Does it really matter? Your lack of actual reading shows in this response, as well as the first. No I can get it all, but it's from several years ago, so it's all kinds of back tracking. Any of my financial statements are so clogged up that sifting through the years I played apb to find purchases is a lot of time.
  12. Learn to read. Thanks. See my screen of Matt literally saying that others are experiencing this too. I've asked a dozen plus times just for the reset email to be sent to the original email on the account since it was created. Still have access to my email. But in order for me personally to get that email, I must provide transaction IDs and details for multiple transactions... for some reason. Does anyone read here? Wait, I forgot where I was for a second. Sorry.
  13. And then get horrible support on your actual issue as they dance around it trying to make you give them irrelevant information for their own fuck ups. Wait didn't someone buy out G1? Seems like not at all on this regard...
  14. tbh the rewards were lackluster at best. Especially for something you have very little shot at winning. Too random.
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