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  1. is there gonna be a theme editor update for console in the future?
  2. stop whining and get good. #silverproblems
  3. wait a second... aren't you the same guy that makes fun of people for playing on ps4 and using a TV? and you accuse others of being toxic? and you don't condone telling people how they should enjoy a game? well, your hypocrisy is just astonishing. at least OP has the goddamn balls to admit he's a toxic fuzzy bunny. you, on the other hand, are the worst of the worst.
  4. We actually dont. Im pretty sure OP meant L1 and R1. These triggers have no function whatsoever while in marksmanship mode, so it would make only sense giving them the function to lean. Even only ONE button would be enough, and its actually all you really need; if you wanna lean the other way, for example, just switch shoulder and then press the lean button, or just press the lean button and then switch shoulder. It makes so much sense that someone ends up asking themselves how G1 thought it was a good idea to just slap an automated system on that. Its not enough. You are not gonna want to lean only when you are right behind a wall (literally touching it). Situations you may end up in are much more complex. edit: there's also L3, which would be more accessible. There plenty of ways, G1 was just too lazy or just underrated console needs (which they already proved to do). I hope little orbit fixes everything that G1 thought we didn't need/were too naive to ask for.
  5. People say its almost identical to the atac. I was thinking tho, doesn't the atac have more recoil? Still ridiculous, sure, but does it?
  6. Let me explain the situation. Basically yesterday I bought a character slot, and created a new character. Now, my main and my new character perfectly work, but whenever I try to login in my NA one (aka select it) it just doesn't work. Keeps showing me this thing spinning, without even showing Rank or JTs. Now, idk if the problem directly correlates to me buying a new slot, cause I honestly haven't used that character in a while. All I know is my friends are perfectly playing on NA, so I know for sure its a character/account correlated problem. Anyone else ever experienced this?
  7. eeeeh idk bruh, a fun lmg to use? Your thoughts on the spearhead? Also what about scout and CSG? Are they worth it?
  8. yo fem I need a piece not a ride, imma gengsta not a taxi driver
  9. so yeah I got the cash and the hoes and I'd like to know what pieces should I get with my 6,992 apb dollas not flexin on u bu, I highkey need some advice. was thinkin about csg and scout but what about the extra cash? gimme a "most fun to use" list, a "more efficient" list, and a "different from anything you can get for free" list. also what about secondaries? thank you bu, appreciate yo patootie PS. Don't pull on me that reskin bs fam
  10. Does anyone know if the additional 30% off is going to last for 6 days or only during the 4th of July? I wanted to think my purchases thru but I'm afraid imma loose the 30% discount at midnight. So yeh pls help thnx
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