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  1. Update with a temporary fix from Kyouki on the official Discord: Please fix it permanently.
  2. So as most of us I have authenticator enabled and whenever I log in/change characters I'm being asked to ENTER THE VERIFICATION CODE AGAIN AND AGAIN. Even if I press "Remember me" it keeps asking me endlessly. I didn't update Windows, I didn't just reinstall the game, I didn't change anything on my PC. Game was installed since months ago and I was logged in since then, but now whenever I log in I get this issue and it's driving me insane. Thus, I have a permanent trade ban because I am always seen as logging in from a "new place". What is going on and how do I fix it? Things I have checked/tried: - My IP is the same, I have a static IP and I don't have this issue in any other game/website. I never had IP issues where I was detected from multiple IPs either. - I have tried repairing the game, didn't work. - Game is already perfectly allowed to go through firewall.
  3. I swear I'm troubleshooting this game more than playing it at this point. I'll try Kyouki's steps and come back with results. Edit: Well it worked. Go to any BattlEye folder and uninstall BattlEye using Uninstall_BattlEye.bat, then reinstall APB. I did it using a different BE uninstaller, from the Rainbow Six folder, since I already had APB uninstalled, and it seems to be working so far. Edit2: Thanks Kyouki for the method!
  4. Thanks for the link but it doesn't even contain the "data corrupt" error I'm getting. I tried searching the forums already. I tried uninstalling it but couldn't find a place to do so. I also play Rainbow Six and some other games running Battle Eye and they seem to work flawlessly. I'll try clearing all the services, files and whatever, but it's really absurd that I must go through this just because of how this game decided to stop working with Battleye randomly. And yes, don't tell me that I and NoOxygen and probably countless others just started having the same BattleEye error at the same time in the same day. There's nothing "individual" about this issue and there's nothing I should fix since the issue doesn't come from my end...
  5. Well that link says that the error means that BattlEye detects that there's something wrong with the game files and that the game must be reinstalled again. I JUST DID. Same stupid error. I haven't installed nor did anything to the game or my computer since yesterday. Literally played the game, logged off, turned off the PC, and today after turning on the PC, started the game again and I get this error?!?!
  6. Same here. Tried repairing the game already. Uninstalled Battleye, cleaned Battleye logs as well. For some reason I see it's an issue with some other games as well including PUBG. What gives?
  7. Has he? I would guess it should be considering it's just a config file. That's the only thing allowing me to play and I'll be frank and say it doesn't really help me much in terms of giving gameplay advantages. I had 100+ fps without it as well and the lack of shadows and other stuff is worse for me.
  8. It obviously depends on the situation, but it's either Obeya CR762/Colby, N-Tec 5 or 7/Colby or OCA/RSA. That's what will get you the most these days. Imo, the N-TEC is too much compared to other ARs and dominates its "niche" it can even be called that since it's an all-rounder that's extremely good at everything, but that's the biggest reason it's so hard to balance it, I would guess.
  9. Hey! Thanks for this! Wanted to ask, will we get a february extension as well, considering the fact that premium time has been removed from ARMAS for the time being?
  10. @Sgt Drayke you should do more testing in different days, not just those 5 hours. For some reason sometimes it's prone to crash and sometimes it isn't, not sure why. I had days where I never crashed too, without doing absolutely anything.
  11. I managed to fix mine by downloading and using a really low graphics quality config file. You can find it here, it's the "NEW" one: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ccux5m0je7qsrlk/Flaws_Config_V12.1.zip/file I've been using this for 2 days now, probably spawned for at least 70-80 times on Financial with it and I haven't crashed yet. Hopefully it helps others suffering from this issue as well.
  12. It could possibly go away if anyone would take a quick look at the issue. Blaming new GPU architecture for the game not being optimized for them isn't a solution.
  13. Already tried running it in compatibility for Windows 7. The game completely freezes, with no errors this time whatsoever, when I respawn. Happened the first time I respawned so didn't do further testing.
  14. Vertexes. That's where it goes bad. As I said I can play fightclub for days, I think I respawned at least 200 times in the last few days, on both fightclubs. Also Waterfront crashes more rarely for me. Once every 10-20 respawns. Financial I can't even respawn 3 times without a crash. There's something wrong with the game. Not with me, not with anyone, not with GPUs. I mean, GPUs might contribute to this. Maybe vertex fails can only happen on Ampere/Turing GPUs, but it's certainly not BECAUSE of the GPUs, for Christ's sake. It's just that NOBODY looked into these vertex failures on these new GPUs. Hence why some districts, like fightclubs, are working, and some aren't. @Sgt Drayke - here's a pastebin of the last few seconds of one of the crashes: https://pastebin.pl/view/6459466c
  15. Can we get some help regarding the crashes? At least one eye from one backend dev. One hour to look into it. That's all. It's a pressing issue for many of us that can't play because of the D3DEVICE LOST error (crash at respawn).
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