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  1. I miss the Improved Rifling changes, having people swapping out modifications in replacement of extended range was entertaining and made the game fresh, got rid of a lot of the IR3 N-TEC's that are too versatile right now as well.
  2. Cheating issue is five percent of what it was since Battleye, there's maybe one or two random people that come in on Jericho fight clubs, then again who could be considered a cheater is relevant to said persons level of experience considering there's zero factual evidence that is visible to us players.
  3. Ah okay, thanks guys I'll give it a go
  4. Could a VPN run without triggering anything such as anti cheat? I've tried VPN's in other games and they also give some packet loss which isn't ideal but I would be willing to try I guess.
  5. (Posted it in wrong category so reposting here) I live in Australia and used to always play with 180ms and for the past year it's been escalated to 350ms, now I don't see how an increase of that much ping is even possible. Not even that, the fact that when the servers go on mitigation from attacks my ping will go right back down to my normal ping which is 180, can someone explain why this is happening and why is it I've been putting up with 350ms for so long when just one switch can give me normal ping. Is it a routing problem? Is it ever going to get looked into? Is it the servers fault or something else? I just don't entirely understand it and I would like for someone to post an informative answer, thanks!
  6. Would like to see more if not all of the clothing items from existing bundles to be sold individually as well.
  7. I don't know if this has already been brought up, however I felt the need to just mention it. I was wondering if there's any plans to split up the clothing in packs to be sold separately, such as the Baggy Beanie from the Criminal High Roller Bundle and what not because I bought that bundle on my main but now I have an Enforcer and I don't want to buy the bundle just for a beanie in which you can't obtain anywhere else besides that bundle. Also if this does happen maybe if someone owns an item from an existing bundle but has obtained it outside of buying said bundle, the price of the overall bundle should be lowered by the amount that the individual piece would've cost seeing as they already own the item. Just my thoughts, thanks.
  8. It can get ridiculous with four or more players placing cars in a circle around an objective, you can take the players all out but they just come right on back no matter how many times you kill them. Normally taking out that many cars in the first place, with them being pioneers and all it'll just end up wasting more time than needed. Also can't believe how many times I've finished killing people, began running to a point and just ten meters away some guy magically pops into a car like it's meant to be. I definitely think there needs to be changes because I've spawned even though an enemy was clearly around the car albeit a rare incident.
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