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  1. Yea people got buggies to how about sending a key in the mail to the rest of us. Surprise me I'm not picky but the old nag isn't cutting it.
  2. Thanks Matt so glad progress is being made.
  3. Once again Matt you kept us in the loop just as hope was dying thanks
  4. Thanks a lot matt an team you guys are giving us more then we have seen in 4 years in the little time you have taken over an hearing your working towards putting the game on a new engine really shows you guys dont give us false hope.
  5. -PVPers want easy access and arena style game modes to earn gear quickly.<<<< could not disagree more on that why you think any pvpers who play fe still stick around? It is because they like the style of the pvp only Fe has to offerr it is one of the main things that make it so unique
  6. Hello i would like to know about the use of vpn i personally use one cause i like to surf the net privately. I also do some online banking an work that requires it. So can we use them ? i know in the past ban people used them to try to ban evade but i can say a vpn does not help u evade a ban i learned this the hard way as many know. I do turn it off while gaming but there is always that chance i can forget to turn it off.
  7. Is LO not answering tickets over 2 months old because they plan on lifting all bans besides credit card fraud like it was done in APB?
  8. I would like to see if LO can give level 55's a new reason to go back into pvp zones. Maybe new weapon drops or something to make a suit ? anything to draw players back into the pvp.
  9. i like this much cleaner look great job matt
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