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  1. Its stupid but nobody cant do anything, they can "devellop" as they want, sell it (if there is in law in there coutries), it is user who cant use it if the game forbid it and its the game master who have to punish this users... We dont speak about hackers but devellopers, they don't do "illegal activities" like enter in Database and change data game or other, they work only in the client of there users.
  2. Hi, i stopped the game since a long time, indeed, i'm waiting for some changes... But i see nothing in Forum, so... Let me ask you ! 1 - Battleye is set up on the game and working ? Or it's like end june/july and we don't feel there is anticheat on apb reloaded ? 2 - Do we have some new armas weapon ? Raf (Refer a friend) available ? 3 - There is an approximatively date for Engine Upgrade (lol) ? Thanks you for your futur answer !
  3. Failed topic/forum
  4. Yes... Or make the "lost items" available by one way... Temptress still exist in Database and locker of players, but there is no way to obtain it today since some years... This is really sad how this gun disappear. We dont have so much semi auto rifles, and more, now one of is them is an unfair exclusivity... But yes, put Refer a friend can be good
  5. Thank's Vicky , i cant explain like that... ( I'm not very good in english =p ) but, that's exactly what i think !
  6. And because is ur favorite weapon, u dont want other players can enjoy to play with it ? Actually and since Refer Friend system was deleted, There is absolutely no way to obtain it.... And 3/4 of "rewarded" refer friend was multi account between friends who already played the game, stop hypocrisy and egosim men Me i'm crazy about all semi automatic rifle, and i'm ready to trade my yukon for this type of weapon... See men who exploited the old shitty system come say "no its rewarded weapon" ... I have no words to describe what i think about that, just stfu the next time please.
  7. Just need a real matchmaking. This is not detrheaters who make this game hard for new... But the matchmaking group/alone An exemple is better than all. I was grouped just with "lovekil" and we are put in this game (Not a problem for us, we like hard game, but the little Trainee had a bad game... And the question is : Wtf ? Why matchmaking put him into our game ? Just because he doesn't exist.)
  8. Please put Temptress in armas marketplace ! This will be instant buy for all players who didnt do the refeer friends (like me) we dont have enough semi automatic rifles available
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