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  1. Thanks for correcting me, in my opinion OC was indeed a cheaters nest but as you said and right it was also never being used as in, high population wise, regardless, you always had those groups of toxic people joining into that district as well as cheaters from time to time, and the OC server was kinda pointless to have it there at the same time since the new players can still join knowing that there's a message saying that was not suitable for new players. That's basically one of the ways how you get bad reviews about the game if they're not playing at their suitable servers for their rank and level of experience. (They could just simply make a level restriction to join that OC district) but honestly I don't think it would even do anything about it though. As for the OTW well... If it was already Implemented in the game, G1 never used cause they weren't creating content whatsoever so that's self explanatory.
  2. I'm gonna be a bit masochist knowing that I'm allergic to bullshoot but here's what I have to say about this: So you're telling that "Little Orbit" isn't doing much as far as you see right? So let's put it like this, have you even realized that LO did in months compared to what G1 "tried to do" in years ? Have you stopped and thought about it even for a single bit? I'll refresh your mind then. I'm going to put it in way so you can understand what I'm saying: little orbit balanced some weapons that needed to be balanced "including friggin' Yukon", although, they reverted some tweaks cause the community didn't like their new attributes neither did I to be honest, they improved the armas Marketplace and made those overpriced weapons with a balanced price and added 100g1c per dollar, G1 was adding 50 per dolar. LO Kept us updated with everything they did, server maintenances, new content such as showstopper, they added certain guns that were already implemented in the game before and they just brought it back, and now there is a huge update with more improvements for the joker ticket store (which I'm excited to see), so they removed FFbans which was cancerous since the very beginning and that is what made toxicity get worse in the game cause they had the free will to post whatever the hell they wanted against the banned dudes. They removed OC which was a good idea since the toxic players and cheaters used to main that district and it was flooded of newbies so they could just test their cheats there. (Glad that they removed it), they are so active in the forum (something that G1 could never do not in a million years knowing that had the people for it), they made new events, gave us new seasonal skins, let's not forget that they made a freaking OTW server! To test weapons and events before the release of them , how cool is that! And now as I mentioned before, they're working their asses off to make everything perfect for the big patch coming up in some days, and that includes: riot going LIVE , improved JT earnings, and JT improvement with PERMANENT JT weapons being available In the store, a new sick Yakuza skin, a new Anticheat called "EasyAntiCheat" since they realised faster than G1 that battleye wasn't doing it's thing, and if you're talking about engine... Dude, do your homework Matt explained that RIOT will be released first than the engine , let's not forget the patches they're releasing for PS4 players. I could keep going with this all day, now you tell me what G1 did ever since the day they promised an engine update back in 2015? And what happened ever since that year until now... Exactly. "Nothing!". Absolutely nothing. And you come here talking about ghost shots and stuff, you do know that all that will disappear after the engine release right ? You know why I give a shout out to LO, is that LO is truly showing us that they're here to make a change for good and they're actually showing it for real. Little Orbit is a small company that did for the game what G1 could never ever achieve not even a million years. Don't say that the game is dying and dying when you have a passionate community which is why the game is still alive. This game survived many wars and look where we are... (In a way so you could understand what I'm saying ...right?) Understand this. Peace out, JIN
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