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  1. Cant play lost all my primiuim cause all this servers and now i cant join player locked for 15mins any fix ? Thanks
  2. Its not nice i cant even play on servers to high ping and kicking me + losing my primium days what is this i pay for primium but there is no server to play on it ! thank YOU LITTLE ORBIT -BOT
  3. People cant even join cause its not EU severs we getting login out and you give us 7 days of primium give us 30 days we cant even play on that ms ! ffs team
  4. nerf the ntec ? what jesus . FIRST GET US ENGINE , ONLY talking . nerfing the ntec ahhahaha this weapon already nerfed
  5. this player just using stretched screen thats all . LOL hes not that good , seen better players using ntec
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