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  1. UP!!! Move it to Singapore or Sydney please. We want to be able to play the game.
  2. Please move HAN back to Singapore. The server had a playable population (for our time zones) until it was moved to Japan randomly by G1. G1 moving the HAN server to Japan killed HAN 100%. The reason Japan is so bad is that the routing is terrible for Australian players. I don't know how bad it is for South East Asians, but Australians + SEA people make up the majority of HAN as long as I played on there. Hong Kong appears to be the same in terms of routing. The only downside to Singapore hosted servers is the SEA-ME-WE 3 getting broken from time to time (it currently is not), but hopefully that should be fixed with the new Australian Singapore Cable (https://australiasingaporecable.com/) being laid. Although, even with the cable broken, my ping to Singapore is better than it is to Texas. Migrating/moving HAN to Jericho (Texas) kills the game for all Asian/Oceanic players. 200ms+ guaranteed for everyone out of Aus/South East Asia, apart from the few people in Sydney who get like 180ms~. You cannot play Unreal Engine games at 200ms. Especially completely server sided ones like APB. Maybe you can design clothing, but nothing more is worthwhile. I'm sure all the Australian and SEA players that quit and no longer, or never read the forums, would appreciate this greatly. If you have some way to check population data for HAN, go look at the drop off once it was moved to Japan. I can anecdotally think of like 10-20 friends that stopped playing the game entirely due to the server being moved to Japan, me included. Move it back to Singapore! @MattScott @Lixil
  3. I look forward to the response that I will receive in 24 days from tomorrow that will for the second time verify that my account is in fact still banned
  4. Move it back to Singapore!
  5. I will become the gaming man in the near future
  6. Does this include accounts that were banned by Lord and Supreme Ban Operative Tiggs pre-FairFight for "3RD PARTY TOOLS"?
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