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  1. Thank you Matt for your keen eye and awareness...yes some events happen and back in the day was awesome..from entire small towns communities of RP to full fledged battles..my dream for FE is that at some point all bugs are squashed and things fixed and pvp is fixed as well and us Roleplayers can get some more tools like to be able to set up moblie shops or have a house etc...we lack rp tools...wish the farms wasnt on a timer and be permament and to be able to live in them...so many ideas ...but thank you for watching us over !!
  2. We should meet on Discord or ICly so you will know if my background is co existing with the theme of the clan!
  3. I want to ask some questions as well:1)will we be getting any new vehicles ?2)new atmospherics with time and finally lights for vehicles?3)do we be ever be able to build permament farms since they allready exist or some sort of housing? Thank you!
  4. Some of the houses or buildings would be nice ot be purchasable,honestly at some point if this game is firstly fixed bugs and all and even grafix if possible housing is a long wanted feature...my clone atm usually had his "secret"base for his recuparation/repairing himself...or communities,something Edengrad wanted to do like players making their own small town....
  5. Need me to be Re Activated havent played with Caine long time ago!
  6. Thank you Matt for the update,it is highly appreciated this game is taken to some proper hands finally :)!we will wait patiently as the road ahead is having many things to be fixed/cleared!good luck to the dev team fixing !
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