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  1. All they need to do is lock new players to green till R 100..then they get a chance to earn the gaem..right now theres more then enough newbies to ill a server..so why not just lock um in.. then when they get to R 100 they can join whatever...but by geting to R 100 they would learned some of how to play an will get farmed less when they join a real map.. DTers wont stop becuz its not made out to be bad.. GMs come on doing events an see the same Names everyday gold...an yet they dont seem to care... ive seem TGM say " get good to people" for me mjatch maker is not the thing thats busted..its the fact that Newbies can join any map so they get pwned.. ill say it again Lock newbeis to green till R 100 ..do it for a week see how meny new playrs stay then... but noone will hear me an i will get flamed liek i allways do... but all i want is new players to want to stay an play ... 8 years APB been part of my life..an the most easy thing to "fix itr for no" lock them newbeis in green till R 100>>
  2. Hi this is not a rage an crying or anything just ahd a little idear an wonderd if this could be the easyer fix for right now... Right now new players end up in bronze..v alll the silvers who dont like playing in silver like me... now they come in an get distroyed....so what im thinking is have new players locked to green till R 100... have no gold silver bronze in there..its just for new players to learn the gaem an give them a chance to enjoy it an not get distroyed by us players who are to bad for silver but to good for bronze.. i hate when im v or teamed with newbies..i feel sorry for them.. i know that 9 out of 10 will quit cuz its not fun learnign a game by geting pwned to death by fake golds with rockets... So can they be locked to green till R 100.....that way match maker is fixed... im sure its only cryed about in bronze anyway..the real pros dont need match maker fixed..only us that r really bad an play in broze..
  3. How hard is it for LO to make it 500% harder to gain gold>>>???
  4. All they have to do is make it so new players are locked to green till they rank 50.. then they can join the next rank of server ..50 /150.... then last rank 150 / 255 still keep gold silver bronze.. allso make it 500% harder to gain gold..this way people with skill lvl of silver will stay silver.. u cant tell me this would be hard to do.. match maker is not the problem..its high ranked players farming newbies... now >> LO can add stuff to cash shop really fast.. how hard is it really for them to make it 500% harder to gain gold..an so on????
  5. So after many years playing APB its time for em to say R..I..P.. game is for russain hackers only... APB is dead the real APB ... R..I..P PS: LO u know u should sell it now cuz your fucked...
  6. This happend to us the otehr day... the guys got the wrong house lol.."crims man" was the next block down they was ment to go.. i got cams everywhere...there was just me an my 2 kids at home 14 an 16..my 16 year old an me had to fight um off... theres anotehr angle where u see how they cant get there head round being stoped.. by an old man an 16 year old.. Life in the getto >>>
  7. look man thats all well an good but they spam chat non stopp PM u non stop an cuz there names all fucked up cant ignor um..just pissing me off ..respeact they play but damm its makeing lfe hard work
  8. So what is going on. now we got russain names an russain spam all over chat now an game.. wtf is this.. theres enough of them to play there own server why have u made it so they now take over the EU servers?? or is it the goal to make it pure russain..
  9. WTf is goin on .. LO why are u not doing ANYthing to stop the cheating hacking motehrfuckers in this game.. wtf is wrong wityh u people.. u ban people for refuseing to fight hackers... u dont ban hackers... u dont talk about hackers ! cuz u trying to act like there not here.. is there some kind of sick fucking joke going on.. i do not understand why LO cant get this shit undercontrol... why not stop working on a game mode thats fucking shit an stop hackers... u say riots been played by loads.. cuz we not seen anything enw for years.. so we have a go.. its still shit as fuck.. ive played this game for years... i watch G1 fuck it in the patootie,, an LO u doing the same just trying to act like u not...im done with this game now .. its sad for me cuz i spent alot of time an money here cuz i dream of a hacker free APB.. wont ever happen cuz LO dont seem to give a fuck long as they got people on the servers... thats how it feels LO..all u care about is numbers on the servers so u are ignoring the cheating thats going on.. becuz "u will have to ban 50% or more for cheating" thats macros an anything people do to change the game., not just bots an so on.. there are other things people do to gain the uperhand.. an its unfair man.. everyday there r new names.. yet player count has droped..how can this be.. new namers everyday should mean more players not less.. is this why LO is not doing alot to stop the cheaters.. an plz dont say theres none.. cuz u google hacks for APB an theres 1000s..
  10. Guys the whole point of this is "" They ban me for afking an refuseding to fight gold players .. yet teh same FAKE GOLDs DeRank every day..without fail.. yet nothing is done to them.. this is my point.. u want it fair>> start to ban the Derankers that u can find everyday all the time..right now in fact if u went in to bronze u would see it looks like silver.. its crazy.. An just as a note .. reson i dont try hard as i should is due to not knowing if the hackers have been delt with or not..an from all i see read.. hackers still run APB.. now soon as i know for real..this is a problem delt with then ill gladly join silver an pwn .. right now u dont know if its a hacker or a pro thats killed u... "there is NO trust" an it dont help u ban someone for " not really doing alot" u go afk takes 1 min... then u can be kicked.. i dont get how that = a ban but im sure some smart patootie will say something..
  11. for me its saying... " u have no choice u must feed teh fake golds or we will ban u".. <<< not a good way to keep players... i really cant get my head round the fact i got banned for a day over this.. yet the same people EVERYday DEthert ..an nothing gets done .. they ban the worng players.. player count is allready lowist ive seen it.. is this them slowly killing APB?? play fair...<<<< detherters dont play fair yet nothing happens to them .. I will not spend another penny..
  12. So i got a days ban " for not fighting golds in bronze" i would go afk get afk demenrt so i could be kicked.,. now i dont get how me doing that gets me a ban.. yet u got people who every day get gold.. then befor bed lose gold.. everyu day this gos on the same people doing it over an over an they ban ME.. i can not get my head round it.. its just the most unfair stupid thing ive ever seen..
  13. seriously this is so bad its not funny..boring as helll...siting round waiting to respawn if u die... why LO just why... why waist all that time on something none of us wanted ..its just real shit...sorry but real real real real shit...
  14. Hi as it says i need someone to make me a few symbols im on Eu server same name as here im online most times so if u can help contact me thx..
  15. BoomLion

    Lock gold to gold

    Reporting DTers.. Look a TGM was the other day in bronze.. there was more golds then silver there...the ones who DT r the same players over an over agian..its allways the same clans... i play bronze becuz theres no trust that hackers are gone from the game... But whats worse then a hacker..a DTing fake gold noob.. the worse thing when u see them play v other golds there not bad..they would easy hold there own in silver..i mean a premade group in allmosy any map would do damg....they want easy wins...they call back up v Ts.. if u look on steam screen shots page ive uploaded many showing how messed up it is... ive said many time befor .... make gold harder to get... make it 500% harder to gain gold..this way u cant DT in an hour...how hard is that to do???? and the people who would quit if they locked maps is "the DTers"..real players who dont care who they face they still gonna mess u up wont care... Its harder NOT to gain gold then it is to get it...
  16. SO not here for drama i just wanted to find out about cheats here again in APB.... I so wiish this shit could be delt with.. but the fact is we live in a world where kids thinks its good to hack... this is a big thing "ALL games".. every game online has cheaters in it... u go to every game forum an theres posts about cheaters... thats in pay to play games as well as free to play.. free to play games get just mashed up by hackers...i really dont think theres any way to stop them 100%.. End of the day ive played a long long time..in the time >> befor hackers <<when u had to aiim yourself .. it was the most fun lolz.. im not a good player id say im a mid silver lvl..real golds eat me easy.. But becuz of so much cheating i dont know whos just killed me by being good or killed me cuz they cheating noobs..i wish i could play an beleave there not hackers..and alot r not theye just kick my patootie.. but the ones who r cheating u can tell so easy..they kill your whole team over an over.. they got 4 people shoting them ..they just jump round shootin an cant miss "1 down" jump 2 "down.an so on.. snapin from taget to target.. now me im not evan near where this going on next thing u know im dead from same player who was just like the other side of the map killing my teams mates then he/she/it..is there next to me .."how the **** he get there.."ive seen teleporters..ive seen speed hackers...ive never seen a GM do anything but talk ,an tell people "dont name an shame".. we all LOVE this game... i have tryed an tryed to quit.. i got every game out there..but i cant stop playing APB.. when u have a good day where theres maybe 1 or 2 hackers..its epic.. some good people here.. i got kids they have watched me play this for years .."crazy" why dont u play something eles..allways APB...and i say just look at my chars..alot of work an money gone in to them.. im a real player i dont want to cheat id not put in google>>"where to find cheats for online games" what ive come to get is this.. the reson and its the only reson they cheat "" cuz there really shit people in real life.. have it rough an want others to suffer.. its a form of bullying... whats the point in all this hes saying... its the same as any other convo we had here for years...just venting rage,..chating dodo.. maybe noone will know me..i play bronze "yes im that bad" i used to play silver as >>TR0N>>but damm hackers can hide in silver to easy >>anyway enjoy>> There is noone like me in APB..thats what makes APB great..u can make yourself stand out..its not P2W >>its Pay to look epic !!!
  17. Happy xmas... for xmas id like to see APB get big again xd! dreams are good!!
  18. This just shows they are takeing cheating serious... love it... gives me faith in LO thank u ..
  19. BoomLion

    Joker Tickets

    Hi will u be adding other mods to joker ticket shop in town .. cuz right now all u can get is large ammo box.. will the other mods be added allso ???
  20. ok then .. when we get to E 4 >> thats when changes can happen .. so maybe a new name as in >> APB Evolution << APB Equilibrium << Come on what names U got guys...
  21. well so i saw someone say this an was thinking it could be a good thing.. When they done 3.5 an that ..maybe we should try rename APB...APB has a very bad rep we all know this so maybe something frash an new to go with the new E3.5.. So if u have a name post it here lets see whats people come up with me.....
  22. Now yeah a new name ..now that would be a good idear.. get 3.5 ready... then maybe LO could put it to the vote about a name change...
  23. BoomLion

    Lock gold to gold

    Yes if u gain gold u should be banned from join bronze ever again.. u want to play with mates who just started.. make a new char.. its not hard.., then once they know how to play u get your big boy/girl out an show them how to play v real players xd
  24. BoomLion

    Lock gold to gold

    ok hi look noone has said what ive asked so many time .... "how hard is it for them to lock GOLDS to gold server ??? "im asking is it hard to do" real gold players wont care about being locked to gold....long as they got people to fight ... this would free silver up for silvers... "so how hard would this be to do " if theres a post about this allready im sorry..
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