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  1. half the spcts dont even play missions, its great
  2. 4 dislikes but they dont comment saying what they dont agree with. this is why we get crappy changes
  3. So I am just curious why certain things are being changed when there is other stuff that people actually say need to be fixed but LO wont touch? -Nfas/ogre delete bullets -nfas basically out ttks everything -it feels like ursus kills in a millisecond -ntec was nerfed when there was nothing really wrong with it (in comparison to the other assault rifles) -the scoped ntec is honestly better than normal ntec now -oca was nerfed when pmg was already superior -thunder is basically a sniper rifle and a jg combined -csg is useless without ir3 -hvr damage is the problem not the 10 people in the game who knew how to jumpshot it. irl if i jump with a gun and hit my target it does the same amount damage. -radar tower mod doesnt work like 75% of the time, they can be standing on the car and it wont show them on minimap. removing things like hvr jumpshotting just take away those little moments like landing a super lucky drop shot. *edit* -threat segregation on NA is NOT sustainable, we are back to 0-0 WF and 20-20 fin for both bronze and silver (example) -bounties arent on minimap (unless this was intended) -bounties are still unkillable once mission is over
  4. "not everyone agrees with this statement some used to be very vocal how they had fun in mission districts with it." i said that like half the community doesnt like it. so you basically repeated what i said in different words
  5. I have a few questions. Whose idea was it to remove 12 days? Whose idea was it to make the second gamemode have the GOD AWFUL hohopgl (when like half the community actually hates using the thing)? Whose idea was it to make the skin such a unobtainable task? Basically the only way to get the thing is if the whole district agrees to do it. none of it makes any sense, in previous years people just kept jumping from district to district looking for a 12 days match and if they couldnt find one they just AFK'd a trashball fight while waiting for 12 days.....
  6. So when is NFAS being changed?
  7. there is like 0 customizing done in tht screenshot, they put like 5 symbols to look like a hooker
  8. its bad publicity and its cringe as hell. do you really wanna advertise a SHOOTER with 2 guys who dress their characters like hookers and dont do missions? (play the game)
  9. we have been waiting for years. and no im not going to search thru pages of people ranting to find a post about this
  10. oh no 95, i have 160 when i had 4ms last night
  11. Why is our ms higher, last night i had 4ms now im at 150.
  12. i was able to pick up my ops weapons edit- i can also resupply and i do not drop it when switching to pistol https://i.gyazo.com/bd370a25199eab41e6dcf0788e9e482a.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/beea10f04a54fa84f74b96526565f815.mp4
  13. the drones are very active in the reactions on this post
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