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  1. hypergoob

    New Emotes !!!

    Would be nice if they also made the emote system a little better... maybe something similar to Fortnite with a selection wheel? Commands are kinda weird
  2. hypergoob

    RTW shader poll.

    At least make it an option! Although seeing how changing 1 thing breaks 100 other things it may not be feasible.
  3. Yeah someone else pointed that out in another post Edited my post to include a picture of actual RTW night time.
  4. I think the engine upgrade version of day time looks a lot better than both live client and RTW. The night time is kind of a tie though. I really like how the windows glow in RTW, but I also really like the new night time in the engine upgrade. The engine upgrade is similar to RTW but a lot less "blurry" which seems to happen because of the windows and lights glowing.
  5. hypergoob

    Questions for LO

    any plans on ever doing private servers? i would assume probably not but i know some of the community definitely would like them. or alternatively a replay system so people can get some cool shots for videos