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  1. N0ONE

    server down

    Predict Matt apology topic in a few hours [people dont have learned with the past, , keep spending money into a dead game]
  2. Maybe, if he use the brain, he shouldnt have the developer tools open when test the game . FF cant see if you are a developer or a costumer .
  3. https://imgur.com/CNQqvuc this guy are at all cheat topics trying to protect their pals who obviouly cheat like tiggs says once '1 time a cheater, allways a cheater', keep that in mind
  4. can you please start ban cheaters, its start getting ridiculous
  5. So, since the anti-cheat its in stand by, when will be the ban wave (if it took too much time kids will start blatant again)
  6. My cat is requesting for the file to check the diferences
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