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  1. I would certainly invest time, energy, and money into Fallen Earth if it were to let me back into the wasteland.
  2. Wow, my mind flooded with dopamine and serotonin when I saw that armor rendered in. I appreciate the continued effort on Fallen Earth, for the first time in years I feel like I might actually see something done with this title. Keep up the work Little Orbit and you will not lose our support!
  3. What about me my friend?
  4. Happy to get some good news, keep up the hard work so I can get back into the wasteland as soon as possible. Please also try to keep updates more regular in the future we all have big hopes for this project.
  5. Lydia Day


    You really can't take blood sports so seriously or me and Nysek will come in with our charge shot builds
  6. Yo Mashed tag me in lets get those baddies!
  7. Lydia Day


    My apologies for the poor quality, I am working on resolving all technical issues while I figure out how to render this crap in decent quality.
  8. It was the only bit of the forums I ever looked at so please do this for me Blue Light.
  9. Where am I going to talk trash and post vids, what the hell?
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