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  1. Mashed

    In-game Kitty Chat Channel?

    You have got to be kitten me right meow
  2. Mashed

    Last Battalion!

    Best meme
  3. Mashed

    The State of the Game (Updated 06/15/2018)

    Awesome! Thanks for the update Matt! Love you bbcakes
  4. Mashed

    Last Battalion!

    My diet consists of one paint chip per day. A ship would be hard to eat.
  5. Mashed

    Sup sup yall

    The upgrade bench was total aids
  6. Mashed

    Sup sup yall

    Oh damn this nig nog, got tired of greifing people in Albion as well?
  7. Mashed

    Last Battalion!

    Hello! Last Battalion is a pvp focused clan planning on tearing up the late game, we are a newly formed clan looking for other individuals that would like to PvP and take part of, all is welcomed new and old alike and wish to PvP and get good. We are a Enforcer clan. Send a mail to Longest Bus if interested or hit me with a whisper!
  8. Considering most of us have been inactive and not around for years, I’d say from the sheer fact we came back and got into our groove and started to Saran Wrap some faces, I’d say it’s been pretty good.