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  1. yeah, yeah!... and maybe it's time to remove NTEC cause the cheaters and "streamers" closet cheaters who be banned like 10 times in the past using it alot!... yeah, yeah!... -.- yeah, cause it's not problem of a good working anticheat, it's problem of the red crosshair! :0
  2. JessBLT

    remove pedestrians.

    Nah, some pedestrians have good dialogues like "run Forest, run!", "quítate puto borracho" and my personal favorite "puta reina de la noche"...
  3. I just read "nerf all the things that can kill me".... xD The radar, map, points, objetives and all the bugs you said is ok, that things need to be fixed, but the yellow mods meh!... just doesn't have any sense. The other orange mods really you can get it tooooo late in the game and some of this you only can use to get fun, you can run away of the car if they are using a remote detonator and done, the same with low yields only have 4 meter of range for 580 damage if you're like 6 meters away you got like 380 damage or something like that (I don't know what you do, but usually when someone thrown me a grenade I run to the opposite side of the first explosion avoiding that another grenade damages me) , idk what "competitive" players want or if they want to make apb reloaded an esport or what to make it "balanced", but how Matt Scott said before exist an opposing weapon to fight against any weapon in apb, if you are being defeated by an NHR maybe and just maybe you can take a car and flank and use a cqc weapon to kill your enemy or maybe other NHVR or if you are very angry an OSNAW or an explosive weapon (if you're one of those competitive players who really knows the game I really want to think you have or can lase any of these weapons). But something that is really unbalanced is the matchmaking and that is something that was never mentioned here, so only remains as a personal opinion. This sounds to me like one of those streamers said in one of his youtube videos that by the way looking for it I see that it has already been deleted... xD (but do not pay much attention to me, I'm just one of those silvers, casual players, who has also been killed with a shotgun, nhvr, remote detonator, low yield and who has also used them and who usually play to have fun and hang out)
  4. well, the problem N#1 here is the community, for example the "golds" in bronze server who say "ez", "noob" or other insults saying you suck in the game, with the excuse that they are drunk... and they keep calling you noob when you ask them: why you don't play in silver or gold? followed by the problems of connectivity and ddos... I think the game don't need a generic battle royale, it needs the graphics engine update and better matchmaking...
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