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  1. hey.. my CBT title is a badge of honor and respect! Since most cbt/obt got banned years ago for cheating, its only made it that much more coveted.
  2. As long as the cheaters have a sense of immunity against losing anything they hold sacred, nothing will ever change regardless of what anti-cheat is running, most cheaters don't care about the accounts they lose, its time they lose something else. We need real world consequences for those caught cheating.
  3. Because their are a lot of Poop heads using Fake or Alternative accounts to do a lot of shady stuff, You are simply being punished for the bad actions of others and these are the consequences for having even the slightest connection to his account during an transaction mishap.
  4. Then steam should clear up any issues.
  5. Steam is pretty dang good with accounts that have good standing, the only issue is if they see A LOT of account sharing in their logs, its a big NO NO unless you are family.
  6. Again you're saying exactly what G1 did, So far nothing has changed except a bunch of people got unbanned because someone felt the previous bans were not up to their standards if the only way they could get players back was to unban most of them, those are the wrong players to focus on.
  7. But it doesn't take a game developer to see what needs to be fixed before other things, the unbanning players should have been months from now after they sorted out what the server issues are and patch them, or moved them, whatever... right now they have a narrow window to make the people who are coming back, to stay, and they have chosen to do nothing about the lag, and g1 was exactly the same way, saying hold on, we'll get it right, give us some time, and nothing happened Little Orbit seems to be quickly out of touch with the needs of the player base, because no one was demanding players to be unbanned before servers were fixed.
  8. I cannot believe that unbanning players is somehow even remotely at the top of the list when they have fundamental server issues that will drive away (again) the population, players came back to see what LO can do with APB and all they have are banned players roaming the game again great choice LO, you're making G1 level decisions
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