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  1. Is there a way to transfer over your live character for testing?
  2. This should be my first beta, just wondering how the beta will play with RTX cards? I have a RTX 3080 (crazy I know) and just wondering if there are any known issues so far? If not is there anything I should be keeping an out for when testing to report? Also good work everyone for pumping out so much progress on the engine upgrade
  3. Well that's good fun, rip playing the game then.
  4. Last few times I've tried to play I've had a steady 500 ms from my normal 200-250 (Australian player.) is anyone else experiencing this/is this related to the DDOS mitigation stuff?
  5. Considering he's been shit posting since pretty much apb's launch I doubt that. I'm just amazed he's not ban on sight considering all his lies about being tight with the devs allowing him to " ban cheaters" then becoming one himself in the end
  6. HWID is incredibly easy to change (was very easy back in the day of PB bans) and had done this in the past but accomplished nothing sadly.
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