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  1. Hey, So this is me stating everything that's wrong with the game on ps4 at the moment. First off, the game still has major performance issues. Apart from the frame drops the game's texture stream is messed up. These two things are addressed in the "upcoming update" which will probably not come out for some time.... Second, The 12 Deaths of Christmas event won't start on both NA and EU servers even though the district is filled with players (A.K.A. 20 vs 20 players). We can't buy the Snowball nades and the Snowball launcher from the contacts and trying to extend the lease for these two weapons also won't work because extending leases from your inventory/locker never worked on ps4 no matter where u stand whether you're standing in range of mailboxes, joker ammo vending machines, contacts and car spawners.,.. Thirdly, financial district servers have been down for multiple weeks on NA and EU servers. Waterfront District servers have been down on EU as well for multiple weeks now. So BASICALLY EU players can't play missions to level their contacts at all. NA players will reach a point where they can play missions but can't unlock new content because they can't unlock new contacts that are unlocked through playing on the Financial district. Now for every player this levelling ceiling is different depending on what contacts they had levelled before the district(s) died. Last and probably most important is that NEW players (Players that have never played APB on the specific account before) can't log into the game. I can confirm this because I have tried to play on multiple accounts, New and old accounts that have never been used to play APB on December 24th. Also I have seen multiple NEW players that have found the unofficial APB Reloaded Discord asking why they can't log in to the game. The game really can be written off as dead on console side when left in this Near-Death state any longer..... I have seen the population go down by 50% in these past few weeks all because of these reasons. I believe the main factor for the sudden decline in active players is the mission districts being down for way too long. after the service had been offline on all platforms for an extended period of time because the server's were being moved to a different hosting location.\ I am legit going to beg you guys, please fix hurry up with the fix. Because the state its left in now is also going to kill the active playerbase that still has faith the game will be updated. I myself am really getting demotivated to launch the game on console every single time I play the game because of these reasons, I am also one of the day 1 players or "soft-launch" players that has been putting up with these intense mentally tiring problems the game has been suffering from for 2 years now on ps4. EDIT --- Oh and we also can't forget the game has been lacking features from the PC and XBOX version. Like themes and a bunch of sound effects
  2. Hey, so financial is still down on the ps4 version of the game. Now I don't know how long it has been like that but everyone keeps getting the same error message when trying to join the district. The error message goes as follows: ERROR/ Entering District, Unfortunately no Instances of the District you selected are online. Please try again after some time. According to some people I have spoken to its been like this for a few days, I can't confirm this since I haven't played the console version of the game in the past few days only logged on today bcs I felt like it.
  3. Hey, so the ps4 login server(s) seem to be down, I have confirmed that I am not the only one unable to login since a group of friends can't login as well. And I can't seem to find any information about it on these forums so I thought I'd make a post about it on here, hope someone knows more about this.
  4. Could someone move this to the resolved bugs section pl0x. thanks for fixing the problem.
  5. I know that they didn't properly remove keyboard keybinds yeah. but thx anyway.
  6. Right now on the console version of the game the only way we can lean is by standing close to a corner of a wall and pray your character will lean automatically. It doesn't include objects like cars for instance and it's quite buggy like the rest of the console version of the game. So that's why I'd like to see a change to how that works. I was personally thinking about manually leaning like the title suggests since the buttons L1/R1 or LB/RB on xbox don't have any function when ADSing (Aiming Down Sight) yeah you can use your useables or throw a grenade but that just cancels your ADS. hope LO will do anything with this.
  7. Ye, we can increase it in the ps4 settings, at least looking around whilst not ADSing is somewhat at a normal level but still not quite there. The sensitivity while ADSing on the other side is pathetically low, even when maxed out
  8. Hey, so at the moment on the console version of the game the sensitivity for looking around and aiming in general is a bit limited (slow). I hope to see an adjustment to that. ~BarbarianCarlo/Calinde
  9. I'd like to see that happening because that would boost the current population and will actually give PS4 players more access to knowledge about the game (since a majority of the ps4 community probably doesn't use the forums and stuff) and I'd be able to get the chance to play with my account that I leveled on my ps4 on PC with 60+ fps
  10. Hey, so when I logged on to APB today I was prompted with the usual armas marketplace pop up only to find out that my amount of time that I have a premium membership had changed to 6 days (5 days atm). is it going to change back after the sale since I still had 3+months of premium left. Anyone who could help me out and explain what's going on? ~BarbarianCarlo/Calinde EDIT: after the 6days went by my premium turned back into what it was supposed to be so for some reason it just showed 6 days but I still had my 3+ months after the 6 days of free premium went by
  11. Will this also mean that I won't be able to trade my jokerbox weapons between my own characters? That's my main concern right now as someone who is from the Netherlands. ~BarbarianCarlo
  12. Hey, So just recently a thought crossed my mind, why not have two options for video settings for the moment. Now players who have played on the console version of the game know it is lacking in "performance". Then just now this thought of having two graphical settings/profiles for the game since on console we're basically stuck with the "basic" video settings. Graphical option 1: the video settings as they are now. Which will come with the lack of FPS but it's great for designing in general and sitting around in social. Graphical option 2: Really low video settings that are basically tuned to increase performance somewhat so the game becomes more "playable" when engaged into missions where there's a lot going on. Now I know this isn't a long term solution because the game suffers from other performance issues as well but it might be a short-term solution for the console players. And since this is an option you are not forced to play the game with the lower graphics settings. I'd even be glad if we we're allowed the option even if we had to restart the game everytime we switch "graphical profile". Hope you can do something with this idea. ~BarbarianCarlo
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