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  1. Railgun

    Ran out of memory!

    Ran into the same issue as you mate.
  2. Let the guy run if he is scared fighting other people in pixels.....
  3. Railgun

    Metropolitan Police

    Is Ringman/Petra still around?
  4. Actually I do have an enforcer who's homeless. Feel free to invite me.
  5. You might go teach him some few tricks in-game right?
  6. Not sure about bronze or silvers, but "diamantes are forever"
  7. Railgun

    best clan on game

    Not here to destroy your argument about best clan in game, but I rather consider it as a fact during the game is quite dead tbh. Good luck with the recruitment anyway.
  8. Was there something wrong with the server performance? - I'm quite surprised. Or wait. No..
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