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  1. this is really great work, so mutch hours you put into this i hope this goes in the game ,its has potential
  2. are we? there is not 20% discount showing on the market?
  3. Back in the days, we had 30off or 50 off on weekends even when we spend g1 we had 2x on the loyalty reaward system Can we get some prem code for 1 day or something so i can spend more money ?
  4. Is there any upcoming deal on the armas market? like 50 off or something on clothing packs?
  5. cuz its fine by me, i also have an 8600k but thats not the case. You can see all my rig on my twitch acc but its about the ddos anyway
  6. There you go Forgive me about the quality its taken out from twitch
  7. Aparently the thing has begun since like 2h by now ddos happening any gm to do something?
  8. who can do this on jericho ? sadly this guy is from citadel
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